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An Interior & Landscape designer, who narrated beautiful stories through the spaces she designs.



An Interior & Landscape designer, who narrated beautiful stories through the spaces she designs. Her notions are ingrained in reusing existing space/furniture. She encourages sustainability, local materials and craftsmen and is inclined towards growing more plants indoors and outdoors.

Anubhavi takes a ride & glimpse through her spunk as an entrepreneur, her ideology for designing Buildings and Gardens, and her philosophy.

When in conversation with her, we unfolded a lot of things about her as an individual and her label The Blue Lane Designs.

“Some spaces ooze a vibrant vigor, warmth, and a harmony of the soul. It’s the ultimate expression of the home, a language gently spoken and universally perceived.That’s what I  do at The Blue Lane Designs. We make a concrete structure home, fill it with love and warmth along with the colors and textures, memories and stories, materials, and forms.

I believe that every little thing I create is forever, it’s going to be passed on to generations as a legacy. I fancy creating things by hand, it has its charm. We boast about our designs & seasoned artisanship but the extra factor we add while building homes and gardens is the human sense, ethical values, and moral teachings.

When we recreate an ancestral property we always see a spark in the client’s eye as they tell their childhood tales, we want to create the same for their children, a history to be told.


In addition to our designs, we create the feeling you experience when you walk towards a piece of furniture that you can connect with.


Every Beautiful design starts with an amazing story.

We had a huge portrait of my mom painted by my dad as the engagement gift. Yes, it runs in my family.  A very integral part of me reconnects to my creative genes from my parents, which shines brightly to date.

My mom makes everything by hand, Literally, way before the slow and healthy living concept was inaugurated.When we in the ’90s were blindfolded by packed food and fashion changing everyday, Mumma used to make us stunning cakes, Rasgullas, and everything fancy at home.


She even embroidered and stitched my evening gowns which looked straight out of movies. Back then I never understood why can’t we simply buy things from the market, but now I understood the value of homemade.

Being artistic has always been a part of me since I was a child. My entire artistic bent is because of my parents, who with their amazing personality splashed creativity everywhere around, through food, paintings, plants, outfits, and cars. (Yes, dad used to design cars.)


I have a very crisp memory of my school bus ringing the horn as I just remembered, I haven’t made a greeting card for my class teacher. That’s when mom took my pencils & with the shavings made pretty flowers were blooming on the paper. We even used rice to stick it. That’s where I learned about Sustainability.


My dad always has my back in literal senses right from guiding technicality to dealing with labors and moody clients, he is always my go-to person to date for my project issues.


I believe in bringing the client’s history home, their childhood memories, their parent’s emotions, and more. They should feel home to space when they enter,not something a designer has just created for enhancing his portfolio. Any space you call own is personal, It should reflect you,  and your taste.

You have to be true to yourself when you express about your likings when you meet us,  nothing you like is ever going to be out fashioned.

We have this statute of producing quality with beautiful design sense and work ethic. It’s the greatest pleasure to see the things I create on paper in real. Every space is unique, so we have to give thorough attention to it, and I certainly try to read each space.

Exactly like humans, it’s the little blemish that makes space stand out. I believe that whenever we use a wooden log to make a piece of chair or veneer to film a table, I hold the potential and entitlement to enlarge its life span and exhibit its beauty in the form of beautiful furniture I design.


Having a handful of musings, wanderlust, alongside my love for cooking, altogether creates a buffer from my work. It helps to engage with potential employees or clients during a crisis.


Perceiving the person or people living/ working in a Space is of utter importance in design than focusing merely on the aesthetics. Any space is designed around emotional needs. I follow a golden rule that fits everything, – I don’t place anything in the space that’s not useful to the client or is not believed to be beautiful.

For a Space to be acknowledged, the items in it must communicate with one another, respond, and balance each other.

Designing is Similar to music. We are repeatedly looking for harmony surrounded by peace, where every object hasits tune and nothing is off-key.

Only when someone is living in my creation, my design is completed.

Go Bold, Believe you can and you will.

Follow a Blueprint of your daily goals and recalibrate it every few weeks.

Again, I don’t know the secret sauce to Design or Gardening, But If you Understand the client’s need and Step into his shoe then you can do pretty well. Designing Spaces is not about making Pretty cafes, it’s not about making pretty pictures for the Portfolio, it’s really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul.


For Example- I plan kitchens,  around what’s important for the client: fun, food, and life. The arrangements of cabinets and appliances are crucial and must flow along the lines you prep, cook, and clean.


I don’t shy to experiment, we don’t have to be matchy-matchy. Space cannot be 100% perfect or else it will lose its charm. A lot of people are widely acute towards anything ‘new’, but nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. My spaces reflect [a] marriage between past and Current of the client. The home is the treasure chest of living.

The home of the future is not as sci-fi as we imagine. Instead of Automated gadgets and the bells and whistles Straight out of  The Jetsons, the home of the future is all about sustainability, energy-efficient design, an expression of the individual, and a hotbed of creativity and inspiration.

When space expresses our creativity,  either through the natural beauty of the material, plants, the design, or the patches of contours left by the human hand, it sends a message.  While a major part of interior /architecture mass is being fabricated in huge factories by automated machines on the other side of the world, many are treasuring that signals and the natural resources that surround it.



For me, the space we dwell should represent the inhabitant’s personal beliefs and principals. It should reflect them, and so we create spaces which represent the family history and persona


For me, sustainability is not a mania. If I avoid plastic at a site or grow more plants in some projects it’s not going to serve the universe.

The Idea is to awaken the human senses and adjusting the daily practicing and rituals. Self-awakening is important, I Started The blue Lane Designs in 2013, right after 1 year of my graduation. It has been a delightful journey ever since!


-By ID Anubhavi Jain

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