Ruby Mehta – Story of a woman who met every challenge of life head-on!

Story of a woman who met every challenge of life head-on!

Ruby Mehta

She comes from a reputed business family of Raipur. She married an armyman from Punjab. She stood by her husband during all the ups and downs of life. She played the role of army wife with grace and courage. She looked after her twin sons single-handedly, living in cantontment area, while her husband served the country. She helped her son explore his passion and co-founded Ruby Travel Studio. And within a few years, this travel studio has become the leading travel and tour agency of town, with the largest number of satisfied customers. Yes! She has come long way in her life juggling between her various roles with experise and dignity. Anybody who learns about her life-journey cannot help but wonder if she’s a Superwoman! Ruby Mehta is an ideal modern woman, who stands strong in her power and feminity. She knows well when to be supportive and when to take the lead. Her fierce determination to rise above circumstances and her persistence to make her life and lives of those around her better is what makes her the lady of courage!

In a tete-a-tete with Rsquare, Ruby Mehta recalled the days of late teenage years, when she was all fascinated with the uniformed gentlemen, especially armymen and their bravery. Who knew that her innocent teenage wish will come true and she will eventually tie nuptial knot with a handsome armyman! But at that time, she was not fully aware of the challenges that come along with the perks of being an army wife. She used to live in cantonment area with her husband. And while her husband used to stay busy discharging his duties for the nation, she used to live up to her role of Mrs. Major with dignity and compassion, by consoling, counselling and supporting other army wives, who were going through more or less the similar struggle, while their husbands were away to ensure security of the nation. Ruby remembers that once she was playing badminton in the bandminton court with her husband, when he recieved the order to show up for the duty immediately. While Ruby packed his bags, her husband told her that he’ll be back in 10-15 days, but he actually came back after six months. Life as an army wife was still not as challenging until she gave birth to twins. This bundle of double joy came with double concerns as well. While Mr. Mehta had to excuse himself from family life every now and then to fulfill his responsibilities towards nation, Mrs. Ruby Mehta chose not to retrieve to her parents’ house for comfort and luxury. She decided to live there in the cantonment area, for the sole reason that living there increased the chances of her recieving messages, handwritten notes from her husband. She wanted to stay informed about her husband’s safety, while she single-handedly looked after both her sons. The financial pressure and unavailability of her husband made it really difficult for her to look after her babies. But she never gave up. Her self-respect didn’t allow her to ask for help from her parents. So she managed everything herself with strong moral and emotional support of her husband.

Travel Studio Ruby Mehta
Ruby Mehta Raipur Travel Studio

Later, Mr. Mehta took VRS and came to Raipur with his family. With little savings in hand, they were wondering how to secure future of their family, when the idea of opening a poultry farm occured to them. They invested their money in the poultry farm and focused their time, efforts and dedication in maintaining the same. However, poultry farm is not the investment with immediate returns, it requires sufficient amount of time, efforts and patience before you can start making money from it. During this period as well, Mehta family had to go through a lot. There came a time of financial crisis when they did not even have anything to feed the hens in their poultry farm. That’s when Ruby had to sell her jewelry and meets the needs of the time. But times did change and so improved their financial condition. Hard work, patience and goodwill of Mr. and Mrs. Mehta paid off and their poultry farm began to churn good profits.

Mehta family has always been fond of travelling and exploring new places and cultures. But Ruby’s son Rubin was a little extra passionate about travelling. This passion of him was recognized by Ruby and she encouraged him to go ahead and launch his own travel studio, so that he could help people meet their travel goals in the best possible manner. For Rubin was himself so passionate about traveling, Ruby was of opinion that his son knew better about what a tourist wishes to explore when he/she travels a foriegn land. So Ruby and his son together established Ruby Travel Studio. Despite the tough competition in the sector already, what sustained Ruby Travel Studio is the striking combination of experience and passion. Ruby and Rubin both are so personally involved and dedicated in making travelling a comfortable and enjoyable experience for their clients, that they pay attention to even the minutest details while organizing the tour. From documents to visas, from boarding the flight to ensuring comfortable stay, to deciding which places their clients should be visiting and when, to what all should they carry to enjoy their tour without inconvenience, everything is carefully arranged. Ruby Travel Studio has a large number of satisfied customers. This mother-son duo is all ambitious to encourage and assist people of Raipur in meeting their travel goals. They want people to not just visit places but to live the experience of the journey and cherish those memories for life.



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