Neeta Prithwani- The Lady who believed in herself & became her own hero

Difficulties are part of life. Surrender or Fight Back – Your Choice!

Neeta Prithwani

Difficulties are part of life. Surrender or Fight Back – Your Choice!
Neeta Prithwani was married at 18. She completed her education after becoming a mother. Not everyone around her was supportive of her dreams and her idea of becoming financially independent. She had to take some really difficult decisions in life, which did upset her near ones. She sold her jewelry to set up her own boutique, because she never wanted to take help from her parents or in-laws. She worked hard to provide best of everything to her son. She did what she loved and stayed true to herself all the way long, without compromising her values and dignity.

And today she is successfully running her own boutique and chasing her career and travel goals.

neeta prithwani
Khwaab Boutique

According to her, she has earned her freedom and she deserves every bit of it. This is the inspiring story of Neeta Pritwani, who chose to defy all odds and make her dream come true, instead of surrendering to the negative influences, social pressure and judgmental remarks of people around. She believed in herself. She became her own hero, instead of waiting for someone else to rescue her.

In a tete-a-tete with Reincarnating raipur, Neeta told that she came from a very liberal family but was married into a bit conservative joint family. Being the elder-daughter-in-law she had added responsibilities on her shoulders. She didn’t choose to give up on her dreams. She decided to complete her education. But it wasn’t easy being a new mother at that time. People around did not really like the idea of her sparing time from domestic responsibilities. But she was determined. She always wanted to pursue fashion designing course. She convinced her family and proved her mettle by securing first rank in college in year 1994. She displayed her designs in a number of fashions shows after that, and her talent got appreciation and recognition. But her real struggle began, when she decided to come up with her own boutique. Despite coming from well-off family,  she refused to take financial help from her parents and in-laws. She rather chose to sell her jewellery to rent an apartment and start her own boutique.


She started Khwab Boutique with limited resources in a small room of her apartment in year 2001. It was probably the first ever high end boutique of Raipur.

Her politeness and integrity while dealing with her customers and the high quality and trendy designs of dresses in her boutique, soon earned her a huge client following. She juggled between her responsibility as a mother and a working women with sincerity. The journey towards self-dependence was not easy. But she dealt with every challenge with grace. She believed in herself and lived up to her potential! Today she is self dependent,  she travels, she explores new places new culture art and craft. She loves yoga,  she loves music, she loves expressing herself through paintings.

Neeta says, now that my son is married, I make sure my daughter-in-law gets the same space and freedom to chase her dreams and live up to her potential as I have. About her inspiration in life, Neeta says that her mother is her biggest inspiration,  who always maintained positive attitude and kind gesture even in the difficult situations of life…  Till her last breathe.




In her message to women, Neeta says-“never give up on your dreams,  never ever doubt your potential!  Destiny favours the brave!  So go ahead and make your way,  pave your own path. Pay deaf ear to negative comments. Stay positive and live up to your potential.”

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