Mrs. Asha Mathani

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”.

  • Winston Churchill.

How can cooking and charity be related?

Well, the living example of one such combination is Mrs. Asha Mathani. Mrs. Asha has been a pioneer in the field of cooking and with her expertise and skills; she has trained thousands of females. In fact, let us not go too far, she has trained around 700 to 800 women this summers alone. Imagine the scope of work that she must have done in her career of 10 years!

Initially when Mrs. Mathani started her cooking classes she used to charge a minimal fee of Rs. 300 per month. That was the time when many girls who had interest in taking training from her could not even afford to pay this much. They approached her with their interest and their problem as well. So for them she started charging an amount even less than the fixed fee. Later, she decided to give free cooking classes to everyone irrespective of their social status.

Mrs. Mathani herself bears the cost of the material used for cooking and all other costs involved. She is an epitome of kindness. Her love and passion for cooking has led her to this career and eventually this social cause.

Mrs. Mathani cooks all kinds of cuisines, all kinds of vegetarian and Non- vegetarian dishes; Biryani being her speciality. She states that her biggest inspiration is her husband without whose support she wouldn’t have been able to pursue her passion so well. She belongs to a traditional and not so open Sindhi family. But her husband’s motivation and support served as the biggest strength for her, and she could break the stereo-type of the family and started working for a cause.

Mrs. Asha is associated with various organizations like MadhuDhara, Agrawal Samaj, Imlidih in Raipur, Mr. Anil Jotsinghani’s event company; wherein she organizes free cooking classes for everyone. Mrs. Mathani has also been invited at various competitions as a chief evaluator. She has gathered a lot of appreciation and has also been felicitated at various platforms for her noble deeds. Her list of achievements is way too big, but bigger is her heart which thought of something so unique and commendable.

Mrs. Asha Mathani states that people who try, definitely succeed. She states that it is significant for one to have determination and persistence and should work hard in order to achieve their dreams.

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