Don’t forget to live, while making a living.- Mr. VR Desai

Mr VR Desai -Humans of raipur
Mr VR Desai -Humans of raipur

In the seventh decade of his life, he has a treasure of memories to cherish. Mr. Vasant R Desai’s sharp memory, his social life and his constructive routine can put many youngsters to shame. In his late 70’s, he is hail and hearty with zero medical expenses. Post retirement,when many lose interest in making their life any better and rather look for just killing time. This gentleman makes sure that he utilizes his time as creatively as possible. His pleasant personality has earned him fan following in all age groups. He teaches yoga, he makes attractive 3D models of houses and buildings using wedding invitation cards at home, he cooks, and he is the most go-to person for his friends and extended family, whenever they need an advice. He has befriended technology long ago, and uses mordern gadgets with ease.
In 1957, Mr Desai was titled as ‘Shri Jabalpur’ in the best physique contest. Beside fulfilling his responsibilities as an governement employee, Mr. Desai also spared time for his passion for fitness, drawing and craft. His children are all well-placed and well settled. And Mr. Desai himself is the connecting cord between all the members of his extended family. He says, he and his family members have made their house a home, by putting their heart and soul into it. Whether it is his marriage, his friendship or his social circle, he has put in a lot of time, effort and patience into it and that is what has made his life so fulfilling.

Mr VR Desai - Humans Of Raipur
Mr VR Desai – Humans Of Raipur

When asked about what changes he has noticed in lifestyle of people in Raipur over the time, Mr. Vasant Desai opined that people nowadays have forgotten to live their life. Most of them are running after the unrealistic goals, while many other don’t even have any goal in life. We are mindlessly accumulating materialistic assets, but not really sparing moments of joy to nuture our lives, our relationships and our passion. Stuck in the illusion of creating financial security and maintaining lifestyle to impress others, people have turned into machines with little or no space for real emotions and purpose in life. I feel youngsters should reflect on their lives and find deeper meaning in their work, relationships and life as a whole. Decide your priorities and mindfully design your life around it.

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