Bandana Jhanwar- The Lady, Who Found Her Own Definition of Perfection

A Spiritual Healer’s Journey of Self-Discovery in Her Own Words!

Helping People to Align their Mind Body and Soul! 


A Spiritual Healer’s Journey of Self-Discovery in Her Own Words!

Bandhana Jhanwar
Bandana Jhanwar

I faced many challenges in my journey of this life.

To name a few- Inability to grasp my school subjects quickly, being cornered by fellow class mates for being very vulnerable, I used to like company of boys more than girls but it wasn’t allowed. Girls used to talk behind my back about the male attention I got. I was told that you are supposed to study well, dress conservatively, do cooking, cleaning, knitting, stitching, and take care of children in the best way, be obedient and speak softly, not laugh this much,. Learn to be less talkative…. Etc….

In short I was asked to do anything and everything possible to fit in the frame created for women by society, instead of being the truest expression of my real self. I did not know how to deal with it. And I had no option but to go on obey the instructions and do all those things that could earn me approval from society and people around.

The only person I looked up to initially was my mom and for everything I asked her, she would say, “Have faith in God, all would be alright. You learn to be good”. My father was extremely fun loving, dedicated worker on profession, achiever and go getter. My mother was very extremely religious, great cook, great home maker, caring for the entire joint family and not having time for herself and to play with us ever. In the little time she had, she would teach us paath pooja, domestic chorus, school work as much as she could and feed us good food.

Both were perfectly busy on being perfect as per the rules of the society and joint family systems.

I was not able to cope up with that kind of perfection. I often used to feel lost and inadequate in many ways. My brothers were also brilliant and better than me in many skills and ways that included them having fairer complexion too.

Purest soul

Earlier I was an obedient child. I obeyed my mother, when she asked me read all religious scriptures, I sang bhajans, studied as much as I could, I joined my father in all the fun and long drives, swimming, singing watching movies too.  But all that could not take away from me that feeling of not being good enough! The constant comparisons and competitions made me a rebel. There began my tryst to prove myself better than others. Though inside I felt small, inadequate and not good enough, I went on to hide this feeling with the mask of ego and strenuous efforts to prove myself better.

But that didn’t go on for ever. I started feeling exhausted. This constant effort to match up social idea of perfect woman drained me off. I felt like giving up on my life. And somehow I realized that I had passed on this feeling to my children as well. I was taken aback when my son told me that he wanted to give up on life and was tired. It was like a wake up call for me. Call for action. Call to make some important changes. I started searching for ways to overcome this feeling of being a failure in all roles I played – daughter, sister, friend, lover, daughter in law, mother.

All my life after teenage, in order to rebel my mother, defend my inadequate feeling , I did opposite of what what I was told by my elders with authority. On the contrary after marriage, I gave in to the expectations of people around to appear obedient and ideal. However, in a passive way, I was still a rebel. At that time, it all felt so real, as if I am the victim to all the world’s atrocities. The unexpressed emotional baggage became too heavy to bear.

Soon I realized that this victim mindset was not of any help either. And there began my journey towards healing. I searched for all the ways possible to gain knowledge and wisdom to heal myself and others. In various modalities of spiritual healing, I learned about how our mind works? What behavioural patterns  we all have and how to deal with it? What are the metaphysics of diseases? How to present myself and speak in Public? How to take care of my physical and mental health through Yoga, Hypnotherapy, other physical exercises, meditation, breath work, and even more simpler ways like EFT, Souls Temple, Mantras, Numbers, affirmations, Access bars and Body processes and more?

How our thoughts convert into pain and disease?

How we can change our thought patterns?

How can we deal with simple and major stress?

How can we deal with relationship issues?

What changes can we make in our language to create ourselves and our future the way we wish to be and have?

What are the choices, behaviour and actions which can lead to depression and disease?

Apart from medical and psychological treatment, what else is possible?

Gaining all this knowledge not only helped me in healing myself but also inspired me to share my knowledge with others. Today I travel across the country and take seminars and workshops, and also do personal counselling to help people identify the causes of their grievances and show them the path of healing. I have realized that our mind body soul are connected. And any imbalance in this aspect creates turbulence in our lives. All that we need to do is to look for the root cause of problems and look for solution with positive mindset.

Where I am today?

I am fit, healthy, happy, successful and doing well in my chosen career of healing and training.

I am travelling across the country and facilitating change in many people lives including mine and growing in all walks of life.

My children have chosen careers of their interest and performing well in their academic front and appreciated for their work and performances.

Bandhana Jhanwar

My husband and me share an amazing friendship. My friends clients colleagues, mentors and all associated people are progressing continually towards greater possibilities.

The world around me is happier and healthier.

What do I aspire to be and do?

I aspire to create a space of no judgements in the self and for the self and others around.

I aspire to support gender inequality and the  uniqueness of being a woman. (Knowing there is no need to be equal to a man)


I aspire to bring out the best in me and in you

I aspire to make you known to your uniqueness and how to be yourself

I aspire to be authentic to myself and create being more authentic as a way of life

I aspire to love and be loved in all possible ways

I aspire to thrive and enjoy my physical existence on earth fulfilling all my ideas dreams and visions, taking you along with me in my journey of growth of consciousness.

What do I wish to tell every woman today?

You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are just in shape in any shape, you are more than you thought you are, you are the creator of the man and the woman so love your creation in every form and remember

A creator has the ability to create and also modify the creation, or destroy the old creation and  recreate the new.

In short Lady 

You who are reading this

You are Powerful. Utilise your power to create a life of ease and joy and harmony for YOU.

Courtesy: Bandana Jhanwar

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