What diamonds do for the hand, Silk does for the body

Textile industry is one of the oldest industrial sector in the Indian economy, dating back several centuries. The Indian Textile Industry adds 14% to the industrial production and 8% to the GDP of India. It provides employment to 38 million people and thus, is the second largest employment provider after agriculture. Even today, textile sector is one of the largest contributors to India’s export with approximately 11 percent of total exports. The Indian Apparel & Textile Industry is one of the largest sources of foreign exchange in the country with the apparel exports accounting for almost 21% of the total exports of the country.

The Indian Textile includes many varieties which are being exported every day, among these one of the textile is Kosa Silk known as Tussar Silk. The Tussar Silk is among the finest quality of silk and is produced in Malda district of West Bengal and Bhagalpur in Bihar. It is also produced in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

 The process to produce the Tussar Silk starts from providing cocoons to villagers, who take out the yarn from it and then the yarn is set on the looms which are made into clothes then, the dying and printing is done on it. Both printing and dying are two different work.

During the process of dying different dyes are used to give different colours to the fabric of the products while in process of printing, the clothes are kept on a table and designed accordingly with patterns and different blocks. After this comes the process of steaming under which the fabric rotates through hot rods for time duration of about 3 hours and later the fabrics are washed which makes the colors permanent. The process is followed by polishing, which is done through a calendaring machine which contains 7 heated rods, now the coloured fabric is passed through the rods, giving the final touch and then packed and ready to be used.

In Chhattisgarh the Tussar Industry is a developing textile business. Among these fast growing businesses, the popular one is Bunkar Craft. This business is  being carried forward through generations and now the third generation is carrying on the business. The family is into this business since 40 years. Mr. Shilpraj Dewangan is now continuing his generations old family business.

The fabric is specially used to make products like Sarees and Suit’s. There are various other products which are made of Kosa Silk(Tussar) people use it to make designer clothes, it is also used in garments.

There are various range of products in different quality. The range of pure Kosa Silk sarees start from Rs 2200. The range of products differ with quality of fabric. The fabrics are supplied to different parts of the country and exported to other countries also.

Bunkar Craft is known for its quality products in the textile business. The store is located in Pandri Cloth Market Main Road,Raipur. The unique thing about the store is it has its own website and is always updated with the latest stock. The stock includes all sarees, suits and unstitched materials. The idea to develop the online store is of Mr. Shilpraj. According to him people are now doing shopping online so he wanted to provide convenience to his customers thus, saving a lot of time and labour.

The motto of Bunkar Craft is to promote Chhattisgarh Silk i.e., Kosa Silk in the textile market and make people aware of the beautiful designs and prints of the Bunkar Craft Industry.        


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