Where there’s NUKKAD There’s Hope

It is said that, where there’s tea, there’s hope. Through this article let’s see how NUKKAD is providing hope for people. 

You may have heard about a lot of cafe having a good team of staff,delicious food and a flabbergasting ambiance; but what if you hear about a cafe with good food and ambiance along with a team of staffs who are deaf and mute. Yes! Nukkad the Teafe is a cafe in Raipur which only hires deaf and mute people. It’s definition of enjoyment not only means sitting at a place and having a hot cup of tea, but communicating in sign language with the staff, meeting people of same mind set, making new friends, reading a book etc.

This cafe was started by Priyank Patel in 2013 and hires only the deaf and mute people. From managing the cafe to serving the customers is all done by the deaf and mute staff. The staff has a very positive attitude towards everything which inspire people who visits this cafe. They always greet you with a smile on their face and they even help you to communicate with them properly.

The motive of this cafe is to serve the society. It provides food and tea and a beautiful and soothing place for communication to take place. The cafe have it’s own unique way of entertaining the people for making them enjoy their time in the cafe like putting different topics for discussion and organizing various events.

Nukkad is not like other cafes as it has it own schemes and ways which no other cafe has. It gives discount to the customers who submit their phone in counter as soon as they enter so that people can actually enjoy there time in the cafe by reading books, meeting unknown people etc. Customers can deposit their book in the cafe and can take another book from there for free which they can keep for three days. The cafe celebrates it’s anniversary by providing food for free, at the time of giving bill to the customer, they give an empty envelope and the customer can keep some money in it if they wish to otherwise it’s a bill free day.They also have a special scheme for mothers which is called- super mom celebration. In this, if the customers brings their mother along with them then one dish is served for free which is of the mother’s wish.

The cafe now has two branches one at Samta Colony and other at City Center with 8 staff members who are deaf and mute because of it’s unique ways and schemes and soothing atmosphere, it is becoming more popular specially among the young generation.

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