Vigour & Verve shows you the way to add your signature artistic style in everything you do!

Learn Art & Craft at Vigour & Verve Raipur
Learn Art & Craft at Vigour & Verve Raipur

Any form of art is basically a way of expressing thoughts, ideas, emotions and imagination. Learning various forms of arts and crafts not only add depth to your thoughts and help you explore the world of imagination and creativity but also add a new charm to your overall persona. Vigour&Verve in its 21-day residential programme has for you a panel of master artists to teach you the variety of arts and crafts that will help you give your own unique artistic signature touch while creating the space of comfort and elegance at home.

Lets have a look on what all arts and crafts would you get to learn in this 21-day residential finishing school programme. Rangoli- Vigour&Verve will provide you the opportunity to learn how to make rangoli from the renowned Artist Pramod Sahu. He is one of the most acclaimed and popular artist of town, whose paintings and rangolis have been appreciated at national level. Cheryl’s Flowers- Cheryl’s flower making session will help you learn how to add that extra grace and beauty to the decor of your house and create an ambience of style with these colourful flowers. Decoupage Painting- Decoupage—from the French word découper, meaning to cut out—is a craft or art form that entails pasting cut-outs (typically paper) to an object and then covering them with several coats of varnish or lacquer. The process gives flat cut-outs an appearance of depth and makes patterns and pictures look as though they are actually painted on the decoupaged object. Vigour&Verve will teach you how to make elongated cards for

Vigour & Verve Raipur
Vigour & Verve Raipur

your loved ones by putting in colours of your feelings and imagination through decoupage paintings, as handmade gifts are the best way to express your love. Apart From that you will also get to learn how to make Bandarwal, Thali decoration, Diya decoration etc that will allow you to decorate house during festive occassions in your own unique creative way. Besides showing you the way to express your creativity in beautiful ways, Vigour&Verve will also enable you to explore the world of Aroma Therapy- an amazing way of using aromatic plants and essential oils to rejuvunate your senses and nurture your beauty.

Amazing! Isn’t it? In just 21 days, you get to add so many feathers of skills and expertise to you cap. So why wait? Grab this opportunity now. Let the lady inside you outshine the world.

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