Teaching youngsters the bliss of stillness, Dinesh Agrawal addresses meditation session organized by CGPSSM

Seminar on Meditation
Meditation Seminar at Raipur

Seminar on Meditation-

Meditation reflects our consciousness, meditation relaxes our mind, body & Soul, meditation is generalized term for various ways to relax one’s state of mind, meditation helps the body and mind go into a deep state of relaxation and tranquillity, while meditating body remains in stillness state where we can listen to our inner world and deep silence is experienced, one such experience was experienced and shared at  Chhattisgarh pyramid spiritual societies movement’s (CGPSSM’s)  Kailash Dhyan Kendra,bal ashram premises kutcherry chowk where Heartfullness meditation session was taken by Mr. Dinesh Agrawal , members of YOUNG INDIA also actively participated. Heartfullness meditation helps you go deep within and experience the voice of your heart. People experienced heartfullness meditation and shared their experiences in writing, asked questions which were addressed by Mr. Dinesh Agrawal.Meditation SeminarMeditation SeminarMeditation SeminarMeditation SeminarMeditation Seminar

Meditation Seminar

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