Relationship of a mother and son

Best Mother in the worldRelationship of a mother and son-

Mother-son relationship is considering complicated since old times but actually, a mother is one who nurtures her son from the day one when he just sprouted it in her womb.

There is an old saying that “a boy, who grows close bond to his mother, will not be a strong and independent man.” The society blames a woman that she has brought up a dependent, maladjusted, mama’s boy if she has a deep emotional bond with her own son. But this is just a myth, not an actual truth.

“In a study, university of reading says that the boys who have insecure relations with their mother in early childhood have more complex behavior problems.”

The boys who have a stronger emotional bond with their mother are open in expressing their feelings, understands the feeling of a woman and respects a woman more than the ones who have not good relations with their mothers. In fact, boys who are pushed to separate from their mothers early in childhood are insecure, have a behavior problem, destructive, aggressive and more hostile.

Mother sonLet’s discuss the benefits of a stronger bond between a mother and a son: –

  • The little baby boys who are having a strong love bond with their mothers are most likely to stay calm and have lesser behavior problems later in their life. Those boys who don’t have good bonding with their mother in their early childhood are more insecure, aggressive, depressed and destructive later in their lives. A secure and deep bond of a baby boy with a mother creates a calm and peaceful human being.
  • Mothers mostly nurture their kids with emotional intelligence. She makes them learn to understand the feelings of others and teach them to express and recognize their own feelings. This not only helps them in being communicative while reading and writing but also boost their self-esteem and confidence and they have more control over themselves this way. They are more open and tendency to express their feelings well.
  • The boys who are more attached to their mothers have less anxiety and depression, as a mother teaches her son about content, satisfaction, and patience.
  • Teenage boys who have good communication and close relation with their mothers are less involved and less influenced by negative pressure. Even some research theorizes that the mother-son communication can restrict a son being involved in alcohol, drugs, and sex. Mothers usually do not talk directly with their sons about Drug, Sex or alcohol but make it a family conversation which influences the behavior the most.
  • Mothers teach their sons from his childhood about manners and etiquettes. She teaches him to be disciplined and strict to the same routine which helps him in a long life. Only a good communication between mother and her son can help him in making the strong and the affirm decision, later in his life.Relationship between mother and son



The son who is brought up loving and respecting their own mother will definitely learn to love and respect the other women in society.

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