One-stop destination for yummylicious food for all occassions or no-occassion- ‘Meethamal’- The symbol of purity and richness.


Chilling area at Meethamal RaipurIn a short span of two years, Meethamal has made its way to the hearts of food lovers in the town. Wide range of sweets, snacks and food with purity of ingredients and richness in flavours to tickle your taste buds, served in the beautiful ambience that comforts your eyes, and the service, which ensures that you have a good time, are the unique blend of features that makes Meethamal not only different but indeed one of the best food destinations in town. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and dine, or planning a get together of friends, or a venue for celebrating any special occassion, Meethamal is the one-stop destination for yummylicious food and mesmerizing experience.

Dining Area at Meethamal RaipurMeethamal was established in in year 2015, as a sweet shop. The name Meethamal has special significance in itself. ‘Meetha’ stands for sweets and ‘Mal’ is a suffix used in the name of respectable men in sindhi. The name clearly indicates the purity and sanctity they offer in all their products and services. Traditional sweets and snacks with ‘Meethamal’ special twist of rich ingredients and aromatic flavours, made Meethamal a popular food outlet in no time. Within just six months of opening, their openness to ideas led to the opening of their restaurant on public demand. Since last one and a half year, the sweets outlet and restaurant is running successfully.

Meethamal Raipur Open AreaIts location near highway, away from the hustle-bustle from the city, adds up to its peaceful ambience. The spacious parking space and open-air resturant makes it the perfect hangout place for youngsters. From samosas to cookies, traditional sweets to yummy cakes, and from starters to main course, Meethamal is well-equipped to cater the food-lovers of all age-groups for various occassions. As the sun sets, open-air lounge of Meethamal is crowded by happening people of town. Lipsmacking snacks and munchies with chatpata chaupaati-chaat corner to double the fun, comfortable seating arrangements under the sky, with bright lights to light up your mood makes it the best adda for youngsters for those never-ending gossip and fun conversations.

Parking Space Meethamal RaipurAs you enter, you will see all kinds of mouthwatering snacks, colourful sweets, cookies, chocolates put on display to choose from. So if you’re planning to travel by road and do not want to fuss about cooking snacks at home, all you have to do is to visit Meethamal get the yummy snacks packed. Also, if it is festival or celebration time, you don’t have to spend long hours in kitchen to prepare the sweets, call Meethamal and get the extra-special sweets delivered at your doorstep at no cost. Sindhi sweets and snacks are Meethamal’s speciality. While the sweets section captivates with a wide variety of sweets, the restaurant has a peaceful and classy ambience for family dinners, meetings, and get-togethers.

Meethamal stays ready to serve from 11am-to11pm. While for breakfast, they offer authentic south indian cuisine as well as a good variety of paranthas and sandwiches, for lunch and dinner they have all kinds of vegetarian dishes in the menu you can think of. If you visit Meethamal restaurant, The Meethamal special thali is a must to try. The sight of this thali and rich flavours of variety of delicacies put together will leave your mouth watering in no time. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the ultimate dining experience and visit today !

Meethamal Raipur

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