Waquar Ahmed Khan

Waquar Ahmed Khan

My thoughts about my city!

I am out of my home state since last six years, initial two years for M.Tech at IIT Roorkee, which is almost extreme north part of the country and from last four years working in Trichy, almost extreme south part of country. This journey of almost 2600 km from north to south has made me appreciate and miss my hometown even more. I am Basically from Durg (A neighbour to Raipur) but have good memories associated with Raipur, as Raipur is second home to me, thanks to my family and friends for the same.

When I talk about Raipur, my mind starts playing the flashback of all the beautiful experiences I have had in this city. Like- The morning sun rays making a glittering show on the Telibandha Lake (popularly known as Marine Drive). Cool breeze gently ruffling the National Flag that stands tall- a noted landmark for Raipur. Another beautiful moment worth remembering is the majestic clouds have just dispersed, leaving by a rejuvenating, fresh fragrance of earth. Rain drops trickle down the leaves shining brightly like pearls as the rays of the sun illuminate them against the backdrop of Mahadev Ghat, clouds making way for beautiful rainbow and I get swayed away by the melodious voice of kukoo.

 “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind”Nathaniel Hawthorne

RAIPUR- the Capital city of Chhattisgarh- state geared up for fast paced development with its rich and diverse culture, exquisite heritage and enchanting lushy flora and fauna – yet humbly unknown and mystical to tourist – demonstrates the very crisp of the nation – “Unity in Diversity”

The very first thing comes to the mind now after hearing about Raipur is “The best place to live”

But the very next thought is, I may be thinking so, as I belong from this particular place and in general it is the natural thing to believe that your native place is best place to live.


I gave a second thought to it, while staying out of my home state from last 6 years, I have met so many people, who have connection to Raipur by one or many ways, why these people also have same affectionate thoughts about Raipur?

Out of curiosity I tried to explore the reason for it, and possibly the reason for this may be

  • Naya Raipur has become the world’s first integrated city.
  • It is the most important “organic” metropolis in the region.
  • Naya Raipur is soon to be country’s first smart city.
  • Naya Raipur is the ­first planned capital city of 21st Century in India and is being developed as a modern and green city.
  • Raipur has very well connectivity by road ways, railways and Airways.
  • Raipur is the only city in India which is home to IIT, IIM, NIT, AIIMS, Hidayatullah National Law University, and IIIT.
  • India’s third largest tricolour is hoisted by Raipur on the tallest flag post, 82m high.

This all may sound bit materialistic to many but after exploring the best out of all I have found, the best thing about this city is the kindness and innocence of people.

I am proud to be Raipurian.

Waquar Ahmed Khan

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