My Daughter is my dream, my pride!

In a country, where saving girl child and her basic Human Rights are still the matters of concern and gender equality is yet to take the shape of reality, how often do you come across a father, who not only takes pride to be father of a daughter but also dreams of making her strong, independent and full of valour. Mr. Aman Agrawal is a proud father of four-year-old Aditi. Fitness freak himself, he wants to prepare her daughter for life so well that no one ever dares to mess with her. Aditi will become an example for other girls and lesson for those have the misconception that girls are anyway less than boys, asserts the dady cool!
Aman says, as soon as my daughter hits her teenage, I will personally train her and work on her physical fitness. She will not only have the best of education but also the training in martial arts and other forms of self defence. The entire city will know my daughter for her strength and swag! Life comes with challenges, ups and downs, but my daughter will be a warrior and not a victim, says 33-year-old Aman Agrawal. Aman has his own construction business, and he mostly remains on official tours, away from his family. But whenever he’s at home with family, he makes sure that every moment spent together is quality time.
With a smile on his face and dreams sparkling in his eyes, Aman says, I wish to see my daughter riding bullet bike to her college. It’s not that I want to raise her like a boy, I don’t need to do that. I am aiming to make my daughter strong in her feminity, I wish to bring out her best so that she goes on to break all kinds of cliche stereotypes about what a girl can do and what she can’t, or what she should do or what she shouldn’t!

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