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Presentation matters!! Everywhere! In every aspect of life, whether personal, professional or social, presentation and appearance helps you make powerful first impression as well as earns extra points of appreciation. This is the reason why personal grooming is an important for personality enhancement. Because the way you look, the way you carry yourself tells a lot about you as a person and it can make or break your impression in a moment.

Your personality should be a reflection of your self-worth. The more you take care of yourself, the time and effort you put in to look your best, reflects how much you love and respect yourself. It creates the suggestive influence on people about what you feel about yourself. Nurturing our lady side by pampering our body, our skin, our hairs, works as an instant mood lifter and makes us feel great about ourselves.

Grooming at Vigour & Verve Raipur
Grooming sessions at Vigour & Verve

Choosing right outfit for a particular occassion, and carrying it gracefully is also an art that shows the diva side of your persona! Dress sense is an important social skill. Imagine somebody wearing hot pants for pooja, or a heavy lehenga for simple family get-together or heavily embroidered suit and jhumka for office meeting. Looks out of place right? And then again when you get to see somebody well-dressed as per the occassion, you can’t help but get suggestive influence of their self-esteem. Likewise, make-up is a whole another game that can build or sabotage the influence of your appearance. What suits you, what doesn’t… having this knowledge can help you express yourself in a better way.

Vigour and Verve is here with its 21-day finishing school programme, providing you with an excellent opportunity for grooming your persona under the guidance of professional experts that will help you polish your presentation skills and bring out the diva in you. Right from saree draping, to make-up, to beauty regime, to the secret of power dressing, there are a lot of surprising elements in this 21-day course that will simplify for you the entire process of personality grooming and enhancement. So don’t miss out on the opportunity. Enroll Now!

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