Lady your health is important!

Lady your health is important! A lady is the backbone of her family, pillar of the house! Life of all the family members revolve around her. In every ups and downs of life, everyone looks at her for approval, assurance and strength. Her love care and support nurtures the lives of people around her. Her vibes, thoughts, moods and health affects the entire household. This is the reason why a lady should nurture herself first. You cannot pour water from an empty vessel. So fill yourself with love care and nurturing so much that it overflows to others. A woman’s health and fitness is not only essential for herself but also bliss for everyone around her because by paying attention to your own health you are inspiring those around you to be healthy, fit and positive. After all, a healthy family is a happy family!

Fitness at Vigour & Verve Raipur
Get Fit at Vigour & Verve Raipur

Vigour and Verve finishing module in it’s 21-day training programme sparks in you the yearn for fitness and also shows you the path towards a healthy lifestyle. In this programme, you will get to learn Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga and Swimming. These life skills will not only help you stay fit and active but will also let you release stress and stay in shape. Zumba is a high-energy dance fitness programme that helps you burn nearly 500-800 calories in an hour! Zumba session is like party-time that sets your mood for the day and gives you energy for the entire routine. Aerobics is another fun way to begin the day and groove your way to fitness. Yoga helps you stay grounded, balanced and positive. It not only improves your flexibility but also improves concentration. Swimming as we all know is an important life skill that everyone should know. Besides, swimming is the best exercise. As you know 70% of your body is water. Hence immersing your body into water for swimming and doing this exercise for an hour a day works like aqua therapy for your mind and body. Ladies mostly have the fat deposits around their stomach and belly area, which is considered to be the toughest to lose. Swimming mostly involves rigorous movement of the lower body and hence, work wonders in trimming the waist size and shedding that stubborn belly fat, which is the cause of many health problems too. Vigour and Verve will empower you with the passion towards fitness and healthy lifestyle so that you may inspire many others with the love and respect you show to your body. You are born to shine and you will shine bright when you are healthy and fit.

Talking about dance, dance is not only a way to stay fit but is also a way of expression. It is an art. It adds charm to your persona. It brings out the joy and exuberance in you! Nobody likes having two left feet and we all desire to excel those dance moves and mesmerize the world. Vigour and Verve is here to make your desire come true. In this finishing school, Experts of Garba and Contemporary dance will teach you the basics, the techniques and the advanced moves that will not only bring out the dancing diva in you but will also take your charm and confidence to the next level. No more shying away from dancing during navratri gatherings or even during parties. Vigour and Verve will train you well so that you may confidently put on your dancing shoes and experience the joy of dancing like never before!

Well it is one of the many exciting element of this training module! Many others are yet to be revealed. So get ready experience the transformation with Vigour and Verve. Get enrolled now!

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