Krazy Kontest = Craziness + Photograph + Exciting Prizes

Best Buddy Krazy Kontest Raipur

Raipur Krazy kontest

You were born to win…

But to be a winner… you must plan to win,

Prepare to win and expect to win.

Why am I talking about competitions and winning them??

Because winners don’t wait for chances, they take them. And here is your golden chance to win mind-boggling prizes.

Mr. Piyush Kingrani of Raipur has ventured to bring thrilling, out-of-the-box competitions for everyone. The name Krazy Kontest tells that the contests they organize are not usual boring type. They are super cool and bizarre.

They have various contests in which the contestants need to send pictures according to the theme decided for that particular contest. They have had contests like Selfie with your best friend, mirror selfie, salad decoration, selfie in black and white, selfie with your tattoo, and hand-made art, etc. The uniqueness of Krazy Kontest lies in the various themes that they select for the contests. These themes are very uncustomary and unheard-of.

The prizes to be won are worth all the efforts one can put into winning a contest.
Can you guess what prizes one can win by participating and winning ??? A music system ?? A holiday ?? A phone ?? An I-Phone ???
What ?!
Yes… The dream phone… The I-Phone 7 has been the most substantial prize one has ever won at the Krazy Kontest.

Krazy Kontest Raipur

Krazy Kontest Workout selfie raipur chhattisgarh Krazy Kontest selfie with your vehicle raipur chhattisgarh

Transparency is what they believe in at Krazy Kontest. The winners are chosen through the highest number of votes. They are genuine and invite genuine participants. The results are announced live on Facebook so that their policy of transparency is well maintained. Fake people with fake profile and false voting are disqualified.

Within a very short span of time, Krazy Kontest has gained popularity among all age groups across the county. They have an out-sized reach of about 10000 plus visitors on the very first day of their launch. It has more than 5000 registered users in a month.

So, as I said, winners don’t wait for an opportunity, they create one for themselves. Just grab one and participate more to win with Krazy Kontest.

Krazy Kontest Childhood pictures RaipurKrazy Kontest Black & White Raipur Chhattisgarh

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