Inner Child Space

Inner Child Space Raipur
Inner Child Space Raipur

In the process of growing up as an adult, we have lost the value of a child which is still alive within us. The energy which comes from inside is the positivity that enables us to get our works done. Same is the thought of Dr. Meeta Nihlani and Dr. Amba Sethi who organised a peaceful session on 07th of April 2017 at Hotel Ambrosia, where they conveyed the message that every person should follow the path of forgiveness and erase the negativity from their lives. People participating in the session wrote their negative thoughts about themselves and the people who have hurt them in the past on a paper and burned them out so that they can forgive them. They conducted a three stage meditation session where they made people realise their inner thoughts and what they actually want from themselves. In this session everyone played games of their childhood, had pillow fight, hugged the inner child within themselves and had all those childhood funs. Participants shared their experience saying that while meditating, they felt as if they were the small cocoons who are protected by the hard shells of the earth which provided them the warmth of its core and made a promise seeing themselves in the mirror about what they feel about themselves and what potential they actually have. They felt like the burdens of their life are releasing from their head and the earth is helping them to absorb the positivity they already have which helped them to retain their energy to the next level.

Inner Child Space Raipur
Inner Child Space Raipur

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