Seminar on “How to build a wow product” held by Headstart Raipur

"How to build a wow product"
Seminar by Headtstart Raipur

Headstart Raipur Chapter organized a business seminar on topic “How to build a wow product”on April 8, wherein large number of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and professionals participated. noted educationist and Education Advisor to Government of India Mr. Jawahar Surisetti and Sole Proprietor of Hello Bastar Marketing Siddhartha Lunkad were the keynote speakers of the program. CEO of Aviorone Drone Company also gave insight of  his start-up, products, services and their utility.


Towards the end of the program, networking session was held, where all the participants interacted with each other and shared their views and ideas.

"How to build a wow product"
Headstart Raipur
"How to build a wow product"
Seminar on How to create wow product

"How to build a wow product"

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