Growing trend of Imitation jewelry

“ I have enough jewelry “, said no woman ever.



Growing trend of Imitation jewelry- Feels as if I’m being talked about here. Well, not just me, in fact all the women out there would agree to this !! Right ladies ???

Tired of repeating your regular pair of gold earrings to every wedding function? Looking for some fresh piece of jewelry within your budget every time you step out of your house? The answer might be hidden in a fashion store next door.

With the growing awareness of fashion and latest trends, the type of jewelry in vogue keeps on changing. Diamonds are forever- is true, but the huge variety and styles that are available in imitation jewelry are endless.

The trend changes very fast.

Imitation Jewelry
Imitation Jewelry

The market is flooded with all kinds of traditional and party wear jewelry.

The designs and the quality available in the market are so close to the real-precious ones that no one could guess that it is imitation jewelry.

With gold and diamond prices shooting through the roof, imitation or fashion jewelry is the choice of the hour.

The reasons why our lovely ladies get inclined towards these types of jewelry are many. One very obvious reason is the budget. The precious jewelry is very heavy on the pocket but jab kam daam mei mile.. to koi ye kyu le.. wo na le !! It’s fun to wear, comes with a wide range, within your budget, and of course, adds glitter to your fashion statement.

Another big reason is the glamour quotient. All our females on the big as well as small screen are decked up in beautiful imitation jewelry, and this also inspires us to stock these up for our special occasions.

The imitation jewelry business has now turned into an industry and millions of people are directly or indirectly related to it. With the increasing trend in artificial jewelry, its prices have now increased in the current year as compared to last year. A good quality set of the artificial jewellery which was available at Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 six months ago is now available for Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 and even more.


These days, imitation jewelry is preferred across the globe over gold jewelry even for once in a life-time occasions like weddings.

Wearing beautiful jewelry boosts up our confidence in the same way as our clothing does. The end result is – a happy lady.

Ask me, I personally prefer fashion jewelry over the heavy big budgeted ones.

Jhumka Earring
Jhumka Earring

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