Google and Facebook Ki yaari… Turned into rishtedaari!

This grand event took place on 23 rd February in Agra, when Madhur khandelwal, an employee in Google, tied nuptial knot with Angela Rose, an employee of Facebook.
It is a universal truth that Marwari exhibit grandeur and opulence in everything they do and they go an extra mile to make their wedding an extravagant affair. But this wedding was more of a special event for its cultural mix. Yes you read it right! This big fat Indian wedding story was more about desi dulha and a firangi dulhan!

Shaadi, Rishtedari, Marriage, Indian Wedding
Google and facebook ki yaari turned into rishtedari

Wedding ceremony and rituals extended over 4 days. Fun day began with Myra where the maternal family of bride were invited to attend the marriage. And then it was the time for mehandi ceremony, wherein firangi gharaatis enjoyed way more than the desi baaraatis.

Next day morning we had Ganpati sthapna and after that we had Mehfils, where both the family members shared joyous moment together. On 23rd morning, Pithi Dastoor was performed, during which tumeric and sandalwood paste was applied to the bride and groom.

Shaadi Marriage Wedding Indian
Google and facebook ki yaari turned into rishtedari

And finally arrived the wedding day! The big day was celebrated with pomp and splendour. The glitter and glamour of jewelry and designer clothes added royal grace to the event. While we were wondering how this lady from California would carry heavy marwari bridal dress and jewelry when she’s not habitual of wearing any Indian outfit, the bride surprised us with the confidence and poise with which she carried her bridal glory! She was looking gorgeous and adorable in that Indian dress. On 24th after Bidai, a funny ritual called JUA JUI was performed, in which a bowl filled with milk was placed before the couple and a ring was dropped in the bowl full of milk. It is said that the winner of this fun game would be the dominating one in the marriage. Yes! women power won and with lots of giggles, selfies and memories, this beautiful event concluded.

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