Dream high Score high!

March it is!
Month of colours.
Month of colourful emotions.
Board exams are approaching and so is the nervousness in the students.
I would like to share a beautiful factual story before i put up the mantras of scoring in the board examination. This story is all about a baby elephant who lived in a forest with his master.
The master used to tie a knot on the elephant’s legs with rope and pluck it to the tree just to protect it from the wild animals.
The elephant initially tried to push and break the knot but couldn’t succeed as he was very young and less powerful.
Down the line the image in his mind was very clear so he stopped trying.
With the passing time the elephant had grown up physically but mentally he was tied up with the knot of being not powerful.
The current position was elephant being huge yet powerless.
The ability should never be judged  with the size or shape, attitude is the key to success.
Our students are very smart but somehow the same rope has stuck in their mind that is not letting them prove their potential in the desired way.
Success depends on the picture you perceive it in mind.  If you want to be successful don’t bother about people and their statements.
Be yourself, don’t let people rule you.
Be the master of your mind.
Few mantras for scoring the exam: 
1. Be focused.
2. Avoid interruptions (face book and whats app)
3. Avoid more interruptions (last minute help for notes and photocopies)
4. Be a ferocious tiger, hunt for a high score.
5. Don’t mug up the lessons rather understand the concept and express it in your own words with examples.
6. Don’t wait for guessing/important/tentative questions to be asked in the exam. 
7. Complete the syllabus before hand and do the revision.
8. Try to frame bullet points, don’t waste time in making lengthy notes. 
9. Be confident, carry positive attitude.
10.  Deliver a decent presentation in the answer sheet by diagrams and flow charts.
Break the rope, be the change. Live the change.

Dream High Score High

Courtesy :-
Gagandeep Singh Saluja
Ph. D. , NLP certified trainer,
Soft Skills Trainer & Expert

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