Do’s and Dont’s for Startups

Do’s and Dont’s for Startups-You might In today’s world marketing is the most important feature for each and every business.  have the most advanced technologies, but it is not going to work at all if your valuable customers don’t get any information about it. For an example, as you know nowadays, online presence has become the most attractive tool for business promotion. That is why from individual entrepreneurs to business giants everyone is bending towards a website. But a beautiful website with lots of advanced features is not enough to fetch maximum productivity. To achieve your goal at first you need to concentrate on the visibility of your website because later on only those visitors will be converted into buyers. Along with that as an entrepreneur, you have to sort out the basic do’s and don’ts which are the most challenging fact for every business. Here you will find some expert’s suggestion which will definitely help you to take your business to the next level.


Customer RelationshipCustomer relationship

Customer relationship is a significant part which cannot be achieved by just parroting some generic messages such as how great your services are or what great products you have incorporated in your collections. Despite this go for a value based answer and concentrate on what makes your start-up completely different from others so that your customers can make it their last choice.



Avoid marketing-speak trap

Empty promises, big claims and mind blogging jargon cannot increase the credibility in the market. Do a market research first and focus on the customers’ needs. Each and every customer has different priorities and issues and only by solving those challenges you can get your desired result.




Customer Relationship



Focus on the networking

Start smart networking which is necessary for any business. Invite people for coffee or lunch and try to establish a friendly relationship with them because working with a friend is much safer than working with a stranger. It will help you to amplify your credibility in the market which will end up with maximising the productivity of your business.




Build Client Relationship
Don’t waste time by following the same clients

People generally make the biggest mistake by trying to fetch productivity from the same client. As an entrepreneur, if you exclusively focus on only one prospect you have to make at least 5 to 6 attempts to get business out of it. Instead of this focus on the presentation and exhibit your powerful testimonials so that your clients will call you back.


Social Media Networks


Try to work with Social media

As you know nowadays millions of people are associated with social media. So it is the biggest platform for business promotion. Many entrepreneurs have a fear of providing their very best strategies, tools via social media as they think it might lessen the profit or the demand of their business. But it is absolutely a wrong perspective as if you can showcase your products in the best possible way customers are going to appreciate it all the time.


So in short, focus on your passion. Always prepare a strong plan and if it fails your plan B should always be ready with you.

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