Don’t over-burden your kids

Don't burdern kidsDon’t over-burden your kids-

A child has a special way of adding joy to every day. No one can deny this fact. However, parents take this unique ability away from their kids by forcing them to do something which they hate. This fact crushes the soul of a child. Parents also ask their children to study for several hours during exams. Every child obeys their parents. Even if your child is a scholar, is it alright to drop all the responsibilities of the household on a 15-year-old kid?

I am not in any position to teach parents but have you ever imagined how a child feels? A second thought concerning how it is affecting the mental health of your child would explain the scenario to you.


The Don’ts

Incidentally, if you don’t have enough time to think about it, we have listed few standpoints which can over-burden your kid’s mentality. The list is never ending. However, we have limited the most important points which can affect thinking of children.

  1. Strict Rules
  2. No interaction with children
  3. High Expectations
  4. Undermining abilities of the children


The Do’s

Against the previous list, every parent must follow these aspects to shape up their children’s life.

  1. Maintain Friendly Relationship With ChildrenHappy Family Raipur

Treat your child as if he/she is your treasure. Love your kids. For a parent, going to the ground and playing a sport would be unnecessary. However, for a child, it’s like he has won a lottery.

  1. Inconsistent Rules:

Parents love to follow the rules. However, these rules can direct your child to become a violent person. Growing up as a violent doctor or a kind human being, a parent, decides this. Imply inconsistent rules. Also, motivate your child to do what the child loves. One day, the child will make you proud.

  1. Develop sense of responsibility among children

This aspect does not state that you should direct your child to take over the financial side of the house. Make your child understand the social behavior of the society. Let them put forth their point of view. In fact, ask them to help people. Once they develop the sense of responsibility among themselves, they’ll know what they want to do with their life. Treat a child as if he already is the person he is capable of becoming.

  1. Consistent Expectations

In contrast to inconsistent rules, never expect something from your child what is out of their reach. By any means, this is not to say that you can stop expecting anything from your kids. If your child loves to do something, then you have the right to expect big things from them. However, expecting a child to become a mathematician even though they hate maths is stupidity.

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What we learned?

This article was written with intent to make parents understand the worth of their child. As a matter of fact, they are your priced possession. Don’t over-burden them. As the saying goes, every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world beautiful.

What do you think?


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