Danica’s Animal Themed Birthday Party

Danica’s Animal Themed Birthday Party-

With an Oink and a Moo…

And a Cock-a-doodle-doo…

Little Danica has turned Two.

It is not just the adults who have themed parties these days. Our little masters are no less. The parents want to give their best for their child every time. So much of time, energy and other resources are put in for “Birthday Celebration” which once used to be simple and a totally home affair.

Danica's Birthday raipurDanica’s birthday party was an illustration of one such haute birthday bash in Raipur. The party was an animal themed party. The little musketeers were dressed beautifully and wore masks to compliment their look, which was also in compliance with the theme.

The biggest attraction of the party was the swing cars. Kids went ga-ga seeing the swing cars. All of them couldn’t wait for their turn to enjoy the ride.

The decor was also animal themed. The balloons and the animal cut-outs gave a feel as if all the animals straight from the jungle had come to party with Danica and her friends. The cake was bonny and gathered all the attention. The little invitees were busy identifying the animals they knew. The games, the dance; it all kept the guests occupied. The food was toothsome. It was a fabulous experience!!

The party was organized by Mrs. Goel for her little angel and her friends at Hotel Landmark, Raipur.

The giraffe stretched his neck to see,

The elephant waved his trunk in glee,

The lion gave his tail a twirl,

In honor of our birthday girl.

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