Competition- There’s No End To It

Scare Reincarnating RaipurCompetition- There’s No End To It

Have you ever thought what competition is and why it scares a hell out of you?  It is nothing but a never ending cat and mouse chase game. The world is full of numerous examples of competition taking its toll on the minds and body of individuals. This eventually even degrades their health and overall productivity. It is the mind that constantly scares you by telling you, that you are not good.

Each one of us from the day of birth is given training to outwit the competitors. We do not know who they are and what they look like. We are taught that if you do not compete they will eventually surpass you and will not give you second chance. Call it the best or the worst part of competition; you start running with a thought of being chased. But don’t know who is chasing you.

The ghost of competition is very hard to let go. As it clings on to you, it takes over your mind constantly reminding it that it needs to run fast to win. It gives you a wrong perception that defeating someone is needed to win.


Don’t be the cat or the mouse, be the one who you are. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, working on them to help you excel in your field. Running after a blind competition will make you reach nowhere; in fact you end up burning out.

Success Reincarnating Raipur



Looking at competition as a chance to learn and grow, helps improve the mindset which influences you positively. You enhance your skills and abilities to perform any task with regular upgradation. You don’t need to compete with others, make it a self improvement mission which allows you to ease into growing and achieving success which you always dream about.

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