Chokhi Dhani- The feel of Rajasthan!

Chokhi Dhani Raipur
Chokhi Dhani Raipur

Chokhi Dhani- The feel of Rajasthan!  CulturaTalk of cultural heritage in India and Rajasthan shows its supremacy over all other states. It was no less than a bliss to have the real feel of Rajasthan for a Two day event called Chokhi Dhani at Ram Vatika, VIP Road on 8th and 9th of April. Choki Dhani– Thl Fiesta of Marwad was a fine replica of The Incredible State of India organised by Kriti Creations. Chokhi Dhani as it’s literal meaning is the concept of capturing the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan and ensuring a perfect Rajasthani experience. The Enthusiastic Raipurians could be seen having a desire to experience the unique Rajasthani culture.

Chokhi Dhani Raipur
Chokhi Dhani Raipur

The real Rajasthan, The Village Ambience, The Paintings, Bani Thank Art, The Wall Decorations, Deepak Wall, The Fresh Air, The Evening Performances, The Enthusiasm, The ‘Manuhar’ (A delicate request to eat till your heart’s desire), The Traditions, The Attires and at last but not the least The feeling called Rajasthan!

To bring in all this to a single place within the reach of all the Raipurians was a lifetime experience in itself. The venue was full with stalls serving entertainment, amusement and the taste of Rajasthan. The stalls included the ones selling infamous Rajasthani clothes, artefacts and handloom products. There was a fine Exhibition of the Rajasthani art in the form of stalls showcasing fine Mehndi and tattoo art representing Rajasthan. The true flavour of Rajasthan could be seen at the Fortune Teller’s stall where everyone could be seen trying their luck with the Astrology and Stars. Another centre of attention was the Kumhaar stall selling beautiful Rajasthani pots and earthenware. The entertainment was in the air with Rajasthani dance and music all around and to add more to the feel of Rajasthan there was the famous Rajasthani Puppet show. With a desert like feel and the ‘Mahotsav’ around, how could one miss out on Camel rides which were mainly a centre of attraction for the kids and alongside their were traditional game stalls as well. The event was a complete weekend bonanza for every age group as it catered to the needs of everyone. One could clear feel Rajasthan in the air while sitting on Rajasthani Charpai under the lantern lights enjoying a true presentation of Rajasthan.

Chokhi Dhani Raipur
Chokhi Dhani Raipur

But what would one crave the most about Rajasthan?

The Culture? No.

The Art? No.

It’s the Mouthwatering Rajasthani food that everyone craves for and to cater to everyone’s taste buds, there were numerous stalls serving delicious Rajasthani snacks including Kalmi Vada, Kanji Vada, Rajasthani Kachori, Rajasthani Kulfi and a list that goes on to captivate more and more taste buds. To serve the real ‘Zaayka’ of Rajasthan there was The Rajasthani Thali that included all the lips smacking delicacies which could quench the hunger in no time but could never satisfy the desire to have more. The Thali included Rajasthani Kadhi, ghee dipped chapathis, matar pudi, sweet rice, ghee dipped jalebis, Rajasthani halwa and the most renowned Rajasthani trio- Daal, Baati and Choorma. A true delight for traditional food lovers!

In a nutshell, it was a true account of Rajasthan and a treat to visit for every Raipurian.

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