Get ready to celebrate IPL with Meethamal!

celebrate IPL with Meethamal!

Shout out to all the IPL-lovers!!! Its time to celebrate your love for cricket on a larger scale! Chuck your boring plans of watching the matches on TV at home, and rather join the party of IPL fans to show some unity, for Meethamal restaurant is all set to double your joy and excitement! Enjoy watching IPL matches on a big wide screen in a gathering of people, who share the love for cricket, and get ready to experience the peak of enthralling excitement of cricket match at Meethamal Restaurant.

celebrate IPL with Meethamal! celebrate IPL with Meethamal! And to add on to this cricket-party experience, Meethamal has yummy and spicy chaupati menu as well as the summer-special range of ice-creams that perfectly goes with the season and the occasion. Moreover, the open-air section of Meethamal restaurant is perfect for the after-match relaxing time, where you can sit comfortably with your friends, family or peers and have long discussions on how the player might have used a different technique of batting to score that six or how the baller had got that wicket like a genius! The artificial waterfall in the background and bright lights for the evening serves as the proper selfie-corner, while the quick service at Meethamal makes sure you have enough on the table to munch on and relax, after going through nerve-racking tension while watching that IPL match. From the street-special Gup-chup Chaat to Pav Bhaji and Chowmin to the elaborate menu for fine dining experience, Meethamal restaurant has it all.

celebrate IPL with Meethamal!So call your friends and make the plan today itself! All you have to do is to reach the venue and enjoy the celebration of cricket! Meethamal is here to take care of the rest and make sure you have the cricket-watching experience like never-before.

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