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If you are a young girl in your twenties reading this, at least once in your life you must have wondered how your life after marriage would be. You might have planned in your head a numerous times about how dream-like your wedding would be! How beautiful you’ll look in that bridal dress! You may have even thought of the designer store you’re going to buy that bridal dress from. But have you ever wondered how your life after marriage would be?

It is a fact that every stage of your life demands a different version of you. And the key is to prepare beforehand! Like when we were kids, parents used to teach us good manners and moral values to prepare us for social life and make us good human beings. When we were in school, we were prepared and educated about whys and how of life and science behind it. We were taught discipline, language, mathematics, history, geography and everything that could help us understand the world around us better. In colleges, we were prepared to be better professionals; we were taught the skill-set expected in that particular sector, and everything we need to know and learn for working in a professional environment so as to make our mark with excellent performance. Similarly, marriage is another phase, which brings some major changes in your life. And this phase comes with surprises, companionship, love, support and care, along with certain responsibilities, which demands certain set of skills as well as your time, effort and dedication to nurture the new relations that comes along when you enter the institution of marriage.

Vigour & Verve Finishing School Raipur
Vigour & Verve Finishing School Raipur

Though our mothers have been working tirelessly with lots of perseverance to teach us about family values, household chores and homemaking skills, but none of us are unaware of the pressure of studies, schools and tuitions we had during teenage. In that race of scoring better marks, looking best at the party, and coping with the sports and extra-curricular activities in school and colleges and making our careers thereafter, we had little time to cooperate with mom’s insistence on making us skilled homemaker. Moreover, the changing times have also changed the social parameters and expectations from a lady. Today we have many additional responsibilities as a homemaker to juggle with. Modern era demands artistic touch in every aspect of life, a signature style, and a stint of sophistication! And without support from experts, it becomes a little too overbearing to learn it all by ourselves! Today, it is not just about household chores or managing budget of the house, being a modern woman demands being up-to-the-mark in both homely and social life.

What if there was a crash course for training girls in homemaking skills. What if somebody trained you in dealing with the expected-unexpected challenges in life. What if all you had to do was to enrol for a course and get all that knowledge, training and skills at one place. What if you walked in an institute as a girl and walk out of it transformed as a lady! What if somebody prepared you completely for the life ahead, not just for marriage but for all the aspects of life, boosting your confidence to another level all together!

Sigh! What a bliss it’d be!

Tadaaa!!! Wish granted!

Yes! Vigour and Verve is the dream institute that offers you 21-day of rigorous training in home-management and life skills, a course that will turn you into substantial lady equipped and empowered with the competence to take the challenges of life head on! Sounds too good to be true? Hold on! There’s more to it. Vigour and Verve Finishing School provides you mandatory residential training facility to ensure serious learning experiences.

Vigour & Verve Raipur
Vigour & Verve Raipur

So coming to what you’ll get to learn in this training module- well, it is way more than you have expected! Vigour and Verve will invite celebrity chefs like Nita Mehta, Smita Duggar and Arpana Kolarkar to train you in cooking skills ranging from basics to international cuisines, so you can nail it every time you have to cook for a house party or the times when you have to decide the menu for eat outs or parties in hotels. Being a woman you need to understand that you’re the backbone of family, so it is important that you stay fit, healthy and strong. In Vigour and Verve, you show you the path towards fitness with Yoga and Swimming. Besides, you will also get to learn Garba and Contemporary Dance to improve your dance fitness. Not only this, you will also get to learn car driving so you can sit in that driver seat and hold the steering wheel with confidence, they way you hold the steering wheel of your life with ease. Vigour and Verve will give you that advanced approach and finesse in your presentation skills in every aspect of your life. Beauty regimes, saree draping, to personal grooming, to the knowledge of social etiquettes, this finishing module includes these all! Vigour and Verve will also help you understand and learn the life skills such as relationship building, time money and anger management. For this, the finishing school will invite renowned motivational speaker and expert Pt. Vijay Shankar Mehtaji. And cherry on the cake will be the additional classes of  Rangoli, art and craft, aroma therapy and much more! It is a complete package that Vigour and Verve Finishing School is offering to transform you into a skilled homemaker and a confident lady in just 21 days! It’s indeed a great deal. So go ahead and take the steps to vanish all your worries regarding home-management skills required to sustain a happy life! Vigour and Verve has got your back! But hurry up! Only limited seats available.

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