Baisakhi Di Raat

Baisakhi Celebration in RaipurBaisakhi is celebrated all over the world amongst the Sikh community with a lot of zeal and joy. There is a significant history attached to it apart from the all the glamour and merriment.

The Celebration – On this day, there is a huge gathering in the Gurudwara. People gather to celebrate this day by doing prayers and singing hymns, which is followed by Guru Ka Langar. Various competitions are organized for different age groups in the Gurudwara premises.

Baisakhi Celebration in RaipurDrama at Baisakhi Di RaatThere is a lot of glam-sham involved with the celebration of Baisakhi. One such stupendous show was organized by the Chhattisgarh Sikh Forum and the Chhattisgarh Sikh Forum Ladies Wing at Sunita Park on 22nd April 2017. There were various performances by different groups. The special attraction was the traditional drama “Teriyan Udeekan”.  This drama was about the Punjabi culture. It portrayed the richness of this culture. It was a mesmerizing play indeed which captured all the eyes well. This show was a big hit as there were a huge number of people present who enjoyed the beautiful performances, the scrumptious food, the dance and all the masti.

Baisakhi Celebration in RaipurThe President of CGSF Mr. Jagjeet Singh Arora along with his team made various preparations for this event. The post holders of CGSFLW includes Mrs. Navneet Juneja (President), Mrs. Surinder Saluja and Mrs. Dolly Gandhi (Vice-President), Mrs. Neeta Chhabra (General Secretary), Mrs. Jasbeer Kaur Muddhar and Mrs. Reena Seeray (Secretary), Mrs. Khusboo Hora and Mrs. Manpreet Kaur Ahluwalia (Treasurer). This event wouldn’t have been successful without the contribution of The Board of Directors Mrs. Neena Hora, Mrs. Kanchi Khurana, Mrs. Luvy Chawla, Mrs. Pamma Bhatia, Mrs. Shimpy Hora and Mrs. Paramjeet Juneja; our other esteemed working members.

It was a fun and frolic event filled with lots of activities for all age groups. The selfie corner bagged a lot of attention from people. The traditional décor and the traditional attire were like the icing on the cake.

Baisakhi Celebration in Raipur

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