Are you gearing up for the upcoming summer season…?

Are you gearing up for the upcoming summer season…?

Come let’s discover what’s in vogue this season!

Let us beat the heat in style!!

Polka Dots

1) Polka Dots are coming back!

Polka dots are making their way back this summer. Choose a print you like, double it up, wear some funky jewelry and you’re good to go. You can play well with colors. Monochromes with some bold and beautiful jewelry will give you a very chic look.



Oversized bag
Oversized bag

2) Oversized Bags…

The bigger the better – this is coming true for the latest trend in bags. These bags can enhance and brighten up any look you carry. Along with this, they can hold everything that a girl needs to have outside her house.



Cold Shoulder
Cold Shoulder

3) Cold shoulder…

Be it a well draped blouse or a little pink dress, the cold shoulder adds in to the elegance. Here’s a pro tip: stock up on some bracelets and bangles to play with this fresh-off-the-runway look.



Yellow is the new black
Yellow is the new black

4) Yellow is the new black…

Well, don’t be!
Irrespective of the skin tone, choose a yellow shade to suit the occasion and look bright and happy this summer.


5) Flats…

Do you hate wearing high heels?? It’s time to rejoice because the most comfortable style of footwear is back in trend. If you love height and get tired of the uncomfortable heels, these are just perfect for you. There are endless patterns to choose from.



So now, since you know the upcoming trend, get ready to hit the stores and stock up your summer essentials.
Happy summers!!

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