19 Facts About India That Only 1 Out 100 Indians Would Know

Here are some incredible facts about India, which you might know for the first time.

Indian Facts

India, the unique land of history and culture. The country has its own recognition at a global level for diversity in many genres including religiously, artistically, culturally, geographically, and historically. India is the center of knowledge and research for numerous curious minds across the world. No matter how good one can know about this land is not enough and people will always be surprised to discover more.


Here are some incredible facts about India, which you might know for the first time.


#1 Do you know, Rs 1 coin making the charge is higher than the coin value?


2 People from a village Marottichal in Kerala tackled illicit gambling and alcoholism through indulging in playing chess.


3 The 11% of total gold across the globe, holds in Indian households which is more than the collection of the International Monetary Fund, Switzerland, USA and Germany put together.


4 The net worth of a Ghari detergent powder is Rs. 5,000 crore rupees.


5 Pen drive was invented by an Indian-American, named Ajay Bhatt.


6 Indian farmers replaced pesticides with Coca Cola and Pepsi for plowing in 2004 and got the same kind of result.


7 One of the popular biscuits manufacturing brands in India, Parle G did not increase the price of its products from 1996 to 2006.


8 People who live on the banks of Karmanasa river do not cook food with water as they believed the water was cursed and they took fruits for their appetite for the reason.


9.The national drink title will go to Chai soon.


10 Switzerland celebrates its national ‘Science Day’, in the honor of the legendary personality, the former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.


11 A family from Mizoram in India holds the record of the highest family members in the world. Ziona from Mizoram has 94 children from 39 wives, 14 daughters in law, and 33 grandchildren.


12 The country has the second-largest bottling plant for PEPSI in the world.


13 The country has more cows than cars which is more responsible to contribute to global warming in the land.


14 The only country in the world, where MRP uses for its products.


15 The citizen of India has IQs over 120 than the entire population of the country.


16 There is a meteor created lake in Maharashtra known as Lonar Lake which is one of its kind all over the world.


17 The refreshing drinks, Rooh Afza is a hundred years old, specifically 112 years.


18 The bird ‘Turkey’ in India is known as ‘Hindi’ in Turkey.


19 Domino’s and McDonald’s turnover in India is lesser than the annual turnover of Haldiram.

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