The Free Healing Camp | Yoga Prana Vidya Raipur

The Free healing camp by Yoga Prana Vidya, Raipur made its present felt in the three day camp, from 18th – 20th of November, at Sai Mandir, Gitanjali Nagar Raipur.Yoga Prana Vidya

The camp saw a good number of attendees, who poured in to take the advantage of the three day camp.Yoga Prana Vidya

Focusing on the motive of treating a disease by removing the negative energy from the aura of the patient, and then treating the affected part; the treatment took place in four steps.Yoga Prana Vidya

The initial two steps included Re-themic breathing and Forgiveness prayer respectively. The third and fourth steps were of Psychotherapy and in the end healing of the affected part. Around 90 patients took part in the camp on the first day, and some of them put their wish forward to learn the processes in the future.Yoga Prana Vidya

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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