Vasundhara Mandhan : Who always had an urge to help the underprivileged

Vasundhara Mandhan 2In this world full of selfish and busy people, there are just handfuls that spend their time and resources for the ones in need. Vasundhara is one such person.

Vasundhara Mandhan always had an urge to help the underprivileged. She just needed a kick-start and her work has now no boundaries.

Mrs. Vasundhara Mandhan is happily married in a joint family with a whopping 14 members. Her daughter is 14, and son is 7 years of age. From being a simple stay-at-home parent to being a socialite today, her journey has been tremendous. Now when the kids are independent enough, Vasundhara has started taking active part in various social events. She not just helps others, but also inspires and motivates everyone to come forward and work for the underprivileged. After joining Rotary Club, she got a lot of exposure. Vasundhara has always been active in working for social causes.

Being a Rotary Secretary there are a lot of responsibilities to be fulfilled on a daily basis and so there are opportunities also wherein you get more exposure. Vasundhara has very well maintained that balance between her family and her work life. Vasundhara is always on her toes when working for a good cause is involved. She is forever active in planning, execution and coordinating with club activities and members; motivating members and encouraging housewives to take up fellowship activities, fund raising events, and sponsorships etc.Vasundhara Mandhan 2

Looking at the less fortunate people, Vasundhara has always wanted to make a difference to their life by helping them in some way or the other, Vasundhara has now found a platform to perform all her social work activities.

Vasundhara Mandhan 4Vasundhara feels extremely fortunate to be married in a family where all the members have supported her throughout her journey. She thanks her husband Mr. Prashant Mandhan for being so understanding.

She wishes to help everyone in need in the best possible way she can! Raipur needs more such people, who come forward to selflessly work for the betterment of the society.


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