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  • U.S. proposes changes in the H-1B application process


The U.S. government is proposing to change H1B rules in a way that will advantage those with advanced degrees from U.S. universities over regular H1B applicants and in a way that could potentially bring down the costs for sponsoring companies. This will have a significant impact on Indians because 74% of H1B petitions were on behalf of India-born workers in the fiscal year 2018.

  • US, China agree to halt new tariffs for 90 days: White House


China and the United States have agreed to halt new tariffs as both nations engage in trade talks with the goal of reaching an agreement within 90 days, the White House said on Saturday after U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held high-stakes talks in Argentina.

  • World AIDS Day 2018 message by UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé, 1 December 2018


On this World AIDS Day, UNAIDS is campaigning for people to know their HIV status and their viral load. In 2017, 9.4 million people were simply unaware that they are living with a potentially deadly, but treatable, disease. If people don’t know their HIV status, people who are living with HIV can’t start treatment, and people who are HIV-negative can’t get the knowledge and skills they need to keep that way. If people don’t know their HIV status, they can’t protect themselves, their families, their partners. If people living with HIV don’t know their viral load, they won’t be sure that the treatment is effective, protecting their health and stopping HIV transmission

  • South Korea tests space rocket engine


South Korea conducted a rocket engine test launch, paving the way for the development of its own space launch vehicle. A liquid-fuel engine successfully propelled a single-stage rocket from the Naro Space Center on the country’s southern coast. It is the first such launch in South Korea since 2013 when the country successfully put a small satellite into orbit following failures in 2009 and in 2010. The engine, designed and developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, will be used to propel the country’s first indigenous three-stage launch vehicle ‘Korea Space Launch Vehicle-2’ (KSLV-2). The KSLV-2 rocket, which will be South Korea’s first space vehicle wholly designed and built by itself, will be used to place satellites into the Earth’s orbit and for other commercial applications.

  • Trump administration may release long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan in 2019: Israel’s UN ambassador


Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Danon has said that the Trump administration may release its long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan at the beginning of 2019. Danon said that there is a window of opportunity for the US to present the plan without interfering in Israeli elections likely scheduled for May or June. Otherwise, he said, it will have to wait until next fall. However, Danon said he doesn’t believe that the Palestinians would consider the plan as they accuse US President Donald Trump of being biased towards Israel.

  • Commonwealth Games bid a boost for women’s cricket


The CWG bid has been made in partnership with England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). If it is successful, the top eight T20 sides would take part. “We would like cricket to lead the way in the Commonwealth in inspiring more young girls to take up sport regardless of background or culture. Imagine the impact of millions of young girls watching women’s cricket in the Commonwealth Games and being empowered with the knowledge that they too can play cricket, represent their country and compete on a global stage,” said ICC chief executive David Richardson.

  • PM’s statement on the Special European Council


At yesterday’s Special European Council in Brussels, I reached a deal with the leaders of the other 27 EU Member States on a Withdrawal Agreement that will ensure our smooth and orderly departure on 29th March next year; and, tied to this Agreement, a Political Declaration on an ambitious future partnership that is in our national interest. Mr. Speaker, this is the right deal for Britain because it delivers on the democratic decision of the British people. It takes back control of our borders. It ends the free movement of people in full once and for all, allowing the government to introduce a new skills-based immigration system.


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