Shweta Pandey: Just The Right Blend Of Life’s Motives

Shweta PandeyShweta Pandey: Just The Right Blend Of Life’s Motives

“Life is always about discovering new horizons and living them to the fullest. I believe in doing so, and so should you.”, says Mrs Shweta Pandey. A fitness and literature enthusiast, Yoga trainer, and a beauty pageant winner, Shweta is someone for every woman to look upto. Let’s go through her life by this inspiring story.Shweta Pandey

Born in a small town of Kawardha, Shweta has been brought up in Raipur. Having done her majors in English Literature, she did her Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education and Applied Philosophy– which is where her interests for Literature and Yoga grew. For someone belonging to a conservative family, following the passion and going by the unconservative way was a challenge; Shweta too had to deal with it. From being a Yoga instructor to following her passion in Literature and language, everything was tough task for her when it came to convincing her family.

Shweta PandeyIt all started when she began getting positive results on her body and the way she carried things forward in her life. The realization was enough that if it could benefit her, then it would provide even better benefits to the people around her. She started working as a Yoga trainer and motivating people to remain fit not only physically but also psychologically. The motivational people around her pushed her even more to keep doing it. She went on winning Mrs India Most Remarkable Queen 2017 and becoming the first runner-up for Mrs India Chhattisgarh 2017.Shweta Pandey

With a couple of years into Yoga, and creating awareness about fitness, Shweta has an eye on completing her Diploma in French language in the year to come and is also coming up with an Aviation Institute where she will be working as the CEO. Her short term goals have been working wonders for her, and all the best wishes to her for everything she aims on doing.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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