Last minute Raksha Bandhan Gifts for your Lovely Bro/Sis..

Last minute Raksha Bandhan Gifts..

Irrespective of all the fun and enjoyment that special days like Raksha Bandhan bring us, they also bring along a lot of stress. Picking the right gift for your brother/sister becomes a task every year. It’s only a few days for Rakhi and if you still haven’t picked the perfect gift for your first best friend, we have a few amazing end moment ideas that will save you from all those taunts coming your way until next raksha bandhan…

It will be an idle situation if your sister/brother have told you what they are in need of, Keep in mind the choice of your siblings. Think if there is anything your sibling has been planning to buy for a long time but has not managed to purchase it on his / her own. If yes, then surprise by making his / her wish come true sooner than expected. if nothing, here’s 5 things that you can gift them and bring a smile on their sweet faces.

  • A Hobby- It’s never too late to develop a new skill or discover love for a new craft. Gift her/him something that he/she has always wanted to start learning or continuing. Make sure it is relevant to their taste. If they like music, gift them an instrument- a guitar, flute, etc. it they like to draw, give them a set of new stationery- shading pencils, paints, etc. You could also give them something like a yoga mat or a gardening kit or a cookery set.Raksha Bandhan


  • A Relaxing Spa Coupon- If your brother/sister is married, they are most likely to be tired and stressed out from the never ending chores, if they’re in college or school, they’re tired of all the load from studying; you cannot possibly go wrong with picking a spa coupon. Go to the salon they will be most comfortable visiting and
    fix them an appointment.

Raksha Bandhan

    • A plant- by gifting your sibling a plant, you can imbibe the sense of responsibility in them and in turn you are fulfilling your responsibility as an earthling. Replace those flower bouquets that rot in less than a week, give them a plant that will blossom forever just like your lovely relationship.

Raksha Bandhan

The Gift of Good Health- The festival of raksha bandhan signifies the duty of a brother to protect his sister and vice versa. Pick something for your sibling that will protect them their health. You could pick something like a self-help or a motivational book for their mental health; drinking water out of a copper container is believed to be beneficial to health, there are tons of good looking copper jars out there that you could buy; enrol them into a yoga/Zumba/dance class. These gifts will do your job when you are away.

Raksha Bandhan

    • Take a trip- A trip need not be a highly expensive 15 days trip to Europe, it can be a two day weekend getaway for you and your family. A good memory will be cherished for a lifetime by your sibling. Make sure you include their favourite activities in the trip like swimming, trekking, playing, adventure, etc. plan a two day trip to nearby places like Barnawapara or Mainpat with your sister/ brother and make this Raksha Bandhan memorable for them.
    • Raksha Bandhan




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-By Drishti Kothari

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