Rakhi Bhutani: A Designer life lived at its own Merits

Rakhi Bhutani: A Designer Life Lived At Its Own Merits
Rakhi“Whenever something new and refreshing is brought in the market with a lot of confidence backing it, it surely works out”, quotes Rakhi Bhutani– a Fashion designer with a niche of improvisation, and someone who believes in bringing newness to the existing fashion.
Born and brought up in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Rakhi always had a plan to do something in life which could leave lasting impression on the people around her in a certain way. It was her first step in the Fashion industry where she was a proud part of National Institute Of Fashion Technology, Mumbai’s first batch. Then, Rakhi moved to Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York for a course in Fashion Forecasting and Marketing & Merchandising. Her time in New York is something which she believes has brought her a sense of discipline and uniqueness. She went on working for an Indian firm in New York City (NYC) for two months, and then also worked for an American Company after that. After working for the company for a period of time, she decided on moving back to India to try something on her own. A young fashion enthusiast being the most efficient employee at a super renowned company with a fancy workplace like Empire State Building always had a plan to get back to her roots. But the company didn’t want to lose the efficient head.
After she was back to India, Rakhi took a break from work and enjoyed her holiday time making full use of it. But sheRakhi had this thing running in the back of her head that she wanted to create a niche in the market for fashion with something unique. It was later in that year when she started a Multi-designer store in Nagpur, third in the country and first one for a two tier city. The store started out of passion was reaping success with the equal support from her family as well. Her main motive behind the store was to create a market for designer clothing especially in the two tier cities. No middle man strategy to provide designer apparels at a price no one could expect was also a major inspiration behind it, as it was really difficult to sell a designer top worth Rs 2000.
When Fashion Week started in the year 2000, it brought about a revolutionary change in the Fashion industry and in the careers of Fashion designers. Having a strong network with the designers through fashion week and getting associated with them helped her to grow as a fashion entrepreneur.
Geesha Designs- with whom she is still associated with came along in the year 2001-02 when embroidered garments were considered really expensive. They sold a design at a price of Rs 9000 which was their first dished out design together. Post that, A list names like Gauri Nainika and other significant designers got on board with her helping to achieve what she had planned out for herself. While Gauri Nainika was doing only tops and dresses at that time, it was still a matter of confusion for the people to understand the worth of the material going along with the price. Rakhi decided on educating everyone about the real meaning of fashion and designer clothing and successfully did it with time. She always believed on becoming a Fashion leader and never a follower, and also taught this to everyone.


By this time, Rakhi had started having a significant client base in all the major cities around including Raipur. On one of her clients’ request, she did a small stint in Raipur which worked amazingly well in her favor. Along with a successful stint, she had also made a name for her in the city with that. Later she started a store in Raipur in a 5000 sq feet property where she got almost all the major designers around to create a magic which was unseen in the capital city. Designer clothes started trending in the state- be it Indian or Western and lifestyles had a major makeover because of the same. It’s of no astonishment when today she’s called the Queen of Tier two cities in the Fashion industry. Her mindset of experimenting with stuffs has brought her here and with all that passion she’s surely someone who is changing the fashion sense in the tier two cities of the country. With skilled & experienced designers, content customers, and an artistic team, Rakhi is a go to person for every fashion lover.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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