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Rahul Gupta, The Mountain Man: Man with a spirit unbreakable

Rahul Gupta, The Mountain Man: the man with a spirit unbreakable and a passion unmatchable.

Hailing from Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gupta or ‘The Mountain Man’ as we know him has a legendary story.

Rahul GuptaMr. Gupta studied at government multipurpose higher secondary school, the most prestigious school of the area owing to its success of a century. After completing school in 2012-13, he went and joined Kirori Mal College in Delhi to get a degree in BA honours. He pursued art because of his will to do something different. His family expected him to become an IAS officer.

Having gone out of home to a big city like Delhi had a struggle of its own. The atmosphere there was different, it was almost like a cultural shock to him. Instead of giving up and returning back home, he decided to invest all the time he had in his personal growth. He wanted to completely groom himself and evolve as a better individual. His first step to this was enrolling himself in the college societies. His career in Mountaineering started from rejection. When he saw children from Saint Stephens and hindu come to his college and actively participating in the societal activities, he wanted to go out and do the same. Saint Stephen’s hiking club straight away rejected his participation. This induced determination in him to prove to them what he was capable of. We are all witness to what happened then.Rahul Gupta

He knew he would’ve had to do something exceptional, something great, adventurous, in order for his college to get an adventure club and for it to be known by his name. And so he did it. he was rejected time

Rahul Gupta

and again! They just wanted him to become an IAS and go back to Chhattisgarh. They didn’t want him to do something different. and he was hell bent on doing something that would make him stand out, something new, something different. he had developed a certain positive kind of madness to achieve what he had in mind. It also took me 1.5 years to plan where he will stand if I he actually takes forward a career in mountaineering, it involved rigorous research and mental preparation too. It was a visionary concept. by 2012 he had a design.

Today, he is:

  • The First mountaineer from Delhi University to successfully climbed highest peak of Europe and Africa continent.
  • Conqueror of Mt. Elbrus (5,642 m) – Highest peak of Europe continent
  • Conqueror of Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) – Highest peak of Africa continent
  • Limca Book of Record Holder
  • Being an elite high-altitude mountaineer, Rahul was awarded the title ‘”Mountain Man”.
  • Exemplifies the core values of competence, responsibility and leadership in the mountains.

And has been awarded with:

  • Delhi Gaurav Award (2015)
  • Holding Limca book of records for singing National Anthem at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania- the highest mountain in Africa.
  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh National Bravery Award (2016)
  • National Gaurav Award (2016)

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