Problem-Handling Skills – Youths can learn this from Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Life never comes easy to anyone but how you handle it, makes all the difference. After looking at the alarming rise in suicide rates of youths in India, we thought of sharing this article with you. Former Prime Minister Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who passed away recently, has left behind a path for youths to follow. Specially those youths who think that it’s over! They can actually learn lots of life-management skills from Late Shri Vajpayee. We have listed a few inspirational circumstances for your reference:

  1. Successful Pokhran nuclear test after fighting all odds – India was in a state of doldrums when Superpower America was completely against India’s intention to become a nuclear state. While it’s Not so Friendly’ neighbors Pakistan and China were continuously enhancing their arms and ammunition, it was a stressful situation for India. India couldn’t afford to weaken its ties with the US but at the same time it could not trust its neighbours. But at the end, what happened made history. It was the will of our former PM that mde this happen. Moral – Where there is a will, there is a way.
  2. Speech after Kargil war – At a time when you know that you’ve crushed your opponent and that too when your opponent didn’t play fair, it’s just normal to lose the dignity of language and use foul vocabulary in aggression. But, here also our former PM showed resilience and dignity. Instead of abusing Pakistan for its cowardice, Mr Vajpayee publicly read out a poem to send a befitting reply. Moral – Expression over aggression and maintaining dignity come what may.
  3. A single vote costs the government but principles stay – This is a very famous incident that took place in 1998 and this was something that not only changed the fate of Mr. Vajpayee as a person but also his party BJP. It was just about 1 vote but principles were bigger. His speech in the parliament after this session triggered reaction from all over the country and the winner was actually not feeling like a winner after that. Also, next year, he became the Prime Minister of the country which he had never thought of. Moral – Keep your principles intact and success will follow.

There are many such incidents which can inspire the youths of our country. All they need is to see them with a perspective and motivate themselves. The largest youth population in the world resides in India and if it follows the footsteps of our great former PM, their maximum potential can be unleashed and that will be beneficial for the country for sure!



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