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Priya Sharma- Fitness Enthusiast, Zumba Trainer..

Priya Sharma- fitness enthusiast, Zumba trainer, owner of slim up shape up..

Priya Sharma, a 23 year old resident of Jagdalpur has transformational journey. From weighing 92 kgs, Priya runs a fitness studio in Jagdalpur of Bastar.

PriyaAs a teenager Priya was always chubby. Her weight kept ascending. When she got checked, she was detected with thyroid. Everyone told her thyroid is something incurable and it came with an unstoppable increase of weight. Today, Priya has proved it to the world that there is nothing that cannot be cured through hardwork and dedication.

In school, priya was always an active participant in sport activitiesPriya. She is an excellent basketball player and has played in National tournaments. But her weight always came in the way. Kids in the school would make fun of her size which played a huge role in demotivating her. She had found her love in sports, especially basketball, so she never stopped playing. Because she went for a tournament in the 11th grade, she failed her class and appeared her twelfth grade by writing private exams. This was a huge set back in her life because she had never failed before this. Never the less, Priya takes it as an important learning of her life.

PriyaShe joined Christ college later for her B.Com. degree. In the first two years of college her journey to weight loss had begun. He weighed 92 kgs then. Someone suggested a good fitness class to her where she lost 7 kgs in the first month. In due time she lost 22 kgs. She started finding clothes her size, people had started complimenting her body and her choice of clothes. This worked as a great motivation in her weight loss. She was happy with her weight and even happier because her thyroid was cured!

Once that was over, she was hell bent on doing something of her own because she had no intention of studying further and did not want to work under someone. Her family was not too supportive of her decision due to the uncertainty it held. But Priya went for it. She started her first fitness studio on the fringes of the city with nothing but 4 broken chairs. Her trial classes were a hit and that’s what kept it going for her. She soon had enough money to open her studio in the city. She claims to have not given a chance for anyone to complain about the amenities at her studio.

She also runs a you tube channel that she uses to motivate people for weight loss and motivates them to break through and stay happy. You can follow her channel NP channel on YouTube to hear her inspiring journey.

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