November: The Adoption Awareness Month

A child is considered to be a god’s gift. It is seen as a miracle that has been sent on Earth. But don’t we often discriminate in them if they’re all gifts? But Indian society still isn’t accepting it wholeheartedly and it’s considered a Taboo.


The irony is that everyone loves children but only if they are a carrier of their own DNA. The same gift of Gods are then tossed into the garbage if there is even a slight glitch in the plan!

Adoption Rate Plummeting!


There are 20million children are orphans in India. Only 0.3% of those kids’ parents have died! Rest are all abandoned by parents who didn’t or couldn’t raise them. Moreover, 90% of these children are girls! So much for a developed nation and it still doesn’t want a girl child.

India’s adoption statistics states that the adoption rate in India is 1/4th as compared to its demand! With the rising population and melodrama of old people to see their “Waaris” will become a nightmare in the coming years.

Adoption Awareness Month


Luckily in the US, every year November is recognized as the Adoption Awareness Month. This month draws attention towards the plight of children in foster care. It also celebrates those parents who have adopted a child. We have tried to adapt into the western lives in terms of trend and technology, so why not take this page from their book again?

November seems a perfect opportunity to celebrate Adoption month as it also holds ‘Children’s Day’. A day celebrated on 14th of November, a day dedicated to all the kids!

Regardless, giving birth to a child is divine experience in itself. But, let’s try to be selfless once.  The kid might not have your eyes, your blood or even your DNA but he will have all your heart!

We encourage you all to embrace this Adoption Awareness Month.  Spread love and Happiness everywhere because isn’t that the things that we all strive for?


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