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Nikhat Sheikh: Young Artist in Sensation

Nikhat SheikhThe world becomes small when it comes to your passion. Nikhat Sheikh, a young and talented artist from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh is a freelance artist by passion and graphic designer by profession. She is also the face behind Nikhat Illustrations. Started her career as a management graduate, she learnt the techniques & enhanced her drawing and painting skills on her own. She is now successfully transforming her hobby into a full fledged career.

Throughout this journey she realised that ‘Art’ is still considered as a summer time hobby for kids even when it really holds wider possibilities as a career option. Soon she grew her knowledge of Art & Designing softwares and the right utility of social media platforms. She is a witness to the power of digital marketing in taking her creation of artworks ahead. She was fascinated of how blogging and websites work for promotions and selling of artworks. The best thing she carries with herself is her ability of being patient. According to Nikhat, she got her real motivation when her talent received recognition from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.Nikhat Sheikh

After 8 long years her hard work has finally paid off. Nikhat made her first earning from Art when an Art lover from Netherlands showed interest in buying her 1st Commercial detailed Painting named “Nerida” in 2015. It was a dream come for her. Her career shot off and today, she as an artist keeps on creating new designs and loves feeding her artistic soul. While engaged in design Industry, she has participated and earned success in many global graphic design contests which fetched her clients from around the world including California, Australia, Germany, Washington and more. Her dedication stood more for name instead of money. Nikhat is a happy digital marketer who craves for fashion and Arts. From handmade artworks to beautiful surface and pattern designs, she specialises in diverse arenas. Her portfolio acts as honey dew for attracting many clothing brands and designers at global level.

Nikhat SheikhShe says “90% of business enquiries that generates from my instagram handle is a proper conversion, because they are very specific about the type of design they are seeking for”. *Her debut in Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week 2017 and her showcasing of artwork in 7Hues Magazine London act as milestones to her career*. She guides everyone who seeks help from her. She shares her knowledge on how to commercialise artwork/designs and generate an income from it. She loves to teach the students about the amalgamation of Modern techniques like using a computer softwares with traditional techniques like watercolours, pencil sketch, etc.

Her precise choice in making illustrations taught her the color theory, alignments, experience, etc over the years and thus her Graphic Design projects reflect a feel of customization which is loved by her clients.

In April 2018 she along with her team initiated the design studio (The Graphic Channel) and a design institute (Bamboo: The Skill Institute) in Bhilai. Surabhi Masih – Junior Designer is assisting her in serving the clients with illustration requirements while Rahul Verma on the other hand is skilled in bringing those artworks live with his amazing animation skills.Nikhat Sheikh

The artworks and design projects are solely curated by the inhouse team of Nikhat Illustrations. Their main objective is to make a team of passionate people who are looking to be successful designers in the near future. The best part of her startup is she is inviting candidates who wish to learn Art & Graphic Design and those who want to work in a team to reach out on the global platform to set a benchmark.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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