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Mitali Channawar : A girl with a passionate heart who lives creativity

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Mitali Channawar: A girl with a passionate heart who lives creativity

“When death arrives, it brings back the entire circle of life in front of your eyes. And for you not to feel the guilt of leaving something incomplete, doing different things in life is important”, strongly quotes Mitali Channawar when talked about her inclination towards art in her life. A Wedding Planner, Slam Poetess, Performer, and someone who loves living life at her own conditions is Mitali Channawar from Raipur.

Having spent all her life till graduation in Raipur, Mitali was always inclined towards art a little too much. Just going by the orthodox way wasn’t her thing. She went on completing her MBA in Sales and Marketing from Pune, and was immediately posted in a Bank after that. But for a creative head as her, it was just a matter of time when the monotony of the day job crawled onto her head and she moved on. Yes, she left the job to find peace in something which could help her creativity evolve gradually if not to leaps and bounds.

Currently positioned as a Wedding Planner for Ferns N Petals, New Delhi, Mitali loves what she does as this gives her the time to introspect and bring about the best out her creative self. A thing which wasn’t helping the cause initially was her presence in a family mostly of Engineers and Doctors who are believed successful in this stereotypical world irrespective of how much scope has this world got. It’s been around a year for Mitali in Delhi, and she believes to have understood the motive of life in this time.

Mitali 3Talked about her stint as a poetess, Mitali has been writing for quite a while now, and her big step came when she got a chance to perform in the Canvas Laugh Club Lit fest in Gurgaon where a lot of people could relate with what she recited and in no time she was a household name in the NCR poetry circuit. She has been getting invitations by a lot of Open Mic organizers to go and perform at the their events, but due to her professional commitments she couldn’t manage to attend each one of them, but managing time for something you love is what she believes. Her poem ‘Sparsh’ revolving around Women is a piece which can surely bring about an emotional trauma in a person’s mind.

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Mentioning on a lighter note about her marriage plans, she adds by saying that Living your passion is something which is more important in life than any other thing including marriage. It’s not that she hates marriages, as she herself is someone who plans other people’s weddings, but she waits for the right time and the right person to click. Passion is what she lives for and there’s no other reason which has kept her hopping jobs because of the monotony of things after a certain period of time.

With a book in process, Mitali will soon be coming with her website, and more about her future stints- Mitali will be hosting an event curated by Canvas Laugh Club, Delhi. In the end she lends her hands to the people of Raipur as she believes the city to have a great potential in it and this talent can do wonders for the state. For someone whose passion for life is immeasurable, we wish her a long and brighter, passionate life indeed.

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