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Be a hero this Independence day.

Be a hero this Independence day…

IndependenceAren’t we all guilty of not living up to a single resolution that we promised ourselves almost each year on January 1st? how about we try something new this year, let’s make August 15th the new January 1st. Let’s be our own version of the Great Gandhi and Bhagat Singh and so many more unsung heroes. Independence is all about freedom, so this independence day let’s free ourselves and the country of a highly prevalent social evil- GARBAGE.

While our Prime Minister promises his version to this cause, it’s time for us to do our bit. Most of us feel like we’ve got this, we don’t litter, we don’t defecate in public but cleanliness is not just all that. Cleanliness goes beyond littering.

Like we keep our homes neat and clean then how do we not care enough about our surroundings which clearly are not as clean as our homes? How many of us actually make an effort to clean our community/society or have not allowed someone from ruining those for us? We are the best critics of our society, when we see an unattended garbage or filthy roads, we blame the municipal corporation workers, it’s true it’s their duty to clean the city but what about our social responsibilities? We see, We Blame; But we need to be the change we want to see.

Did you know India loses at least 1000 children a day to diarrhoeal deaths? The main cause for this is unhygienic surroundings and uncleaning drinking water. Get to be a hero this special day. Here’s 7 super easy ways to hero-up this 72nd Independence day:

 1) Intolerance to littering: we often don’t realise before we spit that gum in the open or we throw that empty Independencepacket of chips out the car window while travelling. DON’T DO IT and don’t let others do it. It is importance to set an example for others. If walking to a trash can is difficult for you, carry a small bag for garbage disposal and empty it when you return home, it wont take too much space.

2) Dispose correctly: sort your garbage into two categories, keep different bins for them. No matter how annoying the ‘geela kachra sukha kachra’ ad gets for you, it’s important for you to know it and practice it. Your neighbours will learn from you.

Independence3) Strictly adhere to the hygiene norms: it’s important for you to be clean too along with your external environment. Make sure there is no spot for mosquitoes and flies to breed, they spread lethal illnesses. Make sure to wash your hands before each meal and make others do it too.

4) Recycle and Reuse all that you can: take some time to educate yourself about materials that can and should be recycled, there are a lot of things that we dump each day before realising its impact on the planet. 36% recyclable waste goes unrecycled in the world; can you imagine the accumulation in all these years? Try and reuse stuff that you can, use refills instead of buying new packs, all this might seem less important to you but remember, each bit is important.

5) Replace all that’s plastic: Plastics are the worst things to happen to our environment, animals and us. Say NO to plastic bags, instead use papar-bags or khadi/fabric/juit bags. And always dispose it in dustbins. The plastic that we discard today is going to stay for millions of years on this planet, think about the future on earth!


6) Value water: Water availability per capita has been on the decline in India. The main reasons being the

increasing population leading to the increasing demand for water. And increasing pollution making what we have unfit for use. Agriculture is the main consumer of water along with many industries and life sources so harvesting rainwater is one of the best ways everyone can make water available in their surroundings. Water can also be reused and recycled with treatment.

7) Minimise your carbon footprint: Carbon Footprint is the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by Independencean organization, event, product or person. Go for energy efficient appliances, make sure you turn the switches off before you leave the house. Limit the usage of air conditioners, water heaters. Keep your carbon footprints in check and control the greenhouse effect. Cycle or walk for small distances, that’s a great way to reduce pollution.

These simple step will lead you to a Swachh Bharat, not just reading them, implementing them. Plant more trees, educate more people about the effects of unhygienic environment, make them join you in this war of Independence from diseases and ill health.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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