HARSHA SAHU Going Beyond The Challenges of Her Personal Life to be of Service to a Larger Cause

From babies to boardrooms, today’s women can juggle several roles with panache. But there are some women who do more than this, going beyond the challenges of their personal lives to be of service to a larger cause.
The amazing Harsha Sahu Dubey is one such woman and this is her story.

The black belt holder a Shitoriyo Karate, Harsha Sahu Dubey is Chhattisgarh’s only female trainer, who has trained almost 40,000 student if various organisations out of which, most of them are female students whom she has made self-dependent and confident too.. Even she been providing trainings in various campaigns at remote areas of Chhattisgarh, without taking any monetary compensation in return, Harsha has also earned a lot of medals in national level, including Khel Nayika award for training so many students, Shahid Rajiv Pandey Puruskar and many other. She is the ambassador of Raipur Nagar Nigam’s Swachchhata Abhiyaan.

Harsha Sahu and Raja Dubey training the students

Harsha Sahu Dubey is daughter of Shri Kamal Narayan Sahu, who is a wrestler at state level and is now married to Raja Dubey who too is a black belt holder at Shitoriyo Karate. The duo is run their own training classes and believes in, not charging money from those who are not financially capable. The government of Chhattisgarh has presented a job to Harsha on grounds of being an outstanding player.
Harsha comes from a middle class family. She got inspired from her father and training from SenSei, Ajay Sahu.In the beginning it was extremely difficult for her to afford going to the national tournaments cause 15 years ago, only a few people at Chhattisgarh were aware about pursuing Karate as a career choice. But she never threw in the towel and kept moving forward regardless of hardships she was facing.

Being honoured by Dr. Raman Singh

The greatest achievement for Harsha was to train 30 blind students recently out of which 5 students were selected and were sent for national level tournament and three of those five received medals namely: Shakuntala, Jogeshwari and Malti. One of her students named Mihir Sharma holds world record for performing 281 punches in one minute. In fact, many of her students get selected for national tournaments every year and a few even get the chance to participate in Akshay Kumar Kudo Tournament.

Not only I have to discipline them, but I also had t gain their confidence in my ability to teach. However, I have managed to train and make many of them self sufficient and self defensive.”

Harsha Training the blinds

She finds extreme pleasure in sharing the stage with her students while receiving the awards. She feels strongly about women’s safety and has designed several techniques that are tailored for women to help themselves in dealing with situations like: harassment, molestation, sexual assault and rape.

At least a girl/ lady should be trained enough to defend herself and move towards a crowded area and avoid confrontation unless some help is found, if she finds herself in an adverse situation. Kids and specially abled children must know about the good and bad touches and should know to say NO at the right time.”

Till date, Harsha has trained more than 40,000 students of all ages including blind and specially abled children in Shitoriyo Karate technique. She has proved that ordinary citizens can do extraordinary work for their country and that a woman can do anything she puts her mind to. The bold and courageous lady quotes that:

It was not easy to reach where I am, it will never be easy to reach where I wish to be. But, who likes it easy anyway. Bring it on!! I am ready to face any kind of challenge for sake of my students.”


Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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