Do you eat according to time or when you are hungry or when you are happy or sad?

Do you eat according to time or when you are hungry or when you are happy or sad???


Have you observed your eating pattern with your emotions?
Every food you eat has a emotional and spiritual effect on your body.
We don’t always eat just to satisfy our hunger, eating pattern for most of us depends upon our comfort, company for eating, availability of food and on our mood too.
All of us can deal with other factors but dealing with emotional eating is not easy for everyone.
First of all you need to observe yourself if are you an emotional eater or not…!
Do you crave for sweets, salty and crunchy food when you are stressed?
Do you drink more coffee when you are stressed?
Do you tend to eat more when you are happy?
Do you eat less or skip your meals when you are alone?

Do you eat more when you you are with your family and friends?

Do you still tend to eat when you are not hungry or you’re full?

What Happens to Your Body During Cyclic Overeating - InBody USA

Some Common reasons of emotional eating…..
*Work stress
*Feeling of loneliness
*Suppressing emotions (Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Sadness)
*Social influences
*Childhood emotions with food
*Hormonal changes


How to overcome with this emotional eating???

Not so easy but not impossible also.
It’s time to heal yourself with food!!!
Start doing these small changes in your daily routine & you will start noticing the change in your own self:
*Start writing instead of eating when you are stressed happy sad or angry…
*Don’t stuff your home with fried, sweets, preservative and salty food.
*Keep healthy nuts in your kitchen…So whenever you feel the grub, you can have them instead of having any unhealthy option.
*Never watch TV while eating
Make a food diary and read it every weekend after checking your weight.
*Take proper sleep and good amount of water in your daily routine.
*Never eat in influence of others learn to say no if your tummy is full.
Start understanding your needs…
Be a foodie… but an intelligent one instead of being an emotional one!


By Nutritionist Dr. Shweta Chabbra
PhD Food & Nutrition

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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