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Think professor and policy pundit Dr. Jawahar Surisetti

Think professor and policy pundit Dr. Jawahar Surisetti

JawaharDr. Jawahar Surisetti or the think professor as we know him was born in Vizag in a family of 7. Since the age of 8, Dr. Surisetti has been working in order to provide for his family. Right from selling idlis on a small wooden cart to working in The Taj Hotel of Mumbai to owning his own restaurant to working for India’s first GEC, Zee TV to now being a government advisor Dr. Surisetti is one of his kind.

Due to the financial status of his family, Dr. Surisetti had to quit school and start earning to feed the house. The quest for knowledge and the passion for studying the human psyche remained to be the constant driving forces in his life. While his siblings went to school, his mother would learn from them and teach Dr. Surisetti on Sundays, despite of not having a professional tutor, Dr. Surisetti passed his 12th grade with distinction and got an admission at IIHM, Kolkata. Hotel management was something that he had to do to earn money but he had his eyes set on studying psychology.Jawahar

After his graduation, he worked at The Taj Hotel, Mumbai and got a permanent job there which he continued for 2 years after which he came back to Vizag. On receiving a call from his friend, who we now know as Subhash Chandra, he agreed to work for India’s first GEC even without the complete knowledge of what his job would be and how much will he be paid, he did it for the sake of learning and exposure towards something completely new. His thirst for knowledge proves the quote from the famous movie 3 idiots- “run behind excellence and success will follow you.”

JawaharToday Jawahar Surisetti is a psychologist and educationist of international repute whose 1300 + speeches, seminars and workshops have been heard by lakhs of people around the globe. He is known worldwide as the Think Professor for his ” Art of Thinking ” and his ” Think for India ” movement for introduction of thinking in education. He has received innumerable accolades for his pioneering works and thoughts on various issues of strategic interest to corporates and school as well as higher education. He is also the brand ambassador of skill development for the State of Queensland.

Apart from this, Dr. Surisetti is a film enthusiast and says he with his wife and sons go to the theatres on Sunday and watch each and every film, good or bad. Being a huge fan of Amitabh Bacchan, he calls the movies his second teacher after his mother because he got to learn a lot from them.

A top-notch policy maker of international fame, Dr Jawahar has been known toJawahar be the policy pundit. He has been advising governments internationally and in India as well as mentoring startups. He is instrumental in ideation and strategy and ideation in the corporate world and Smart Cities. In his wish for the future, he has mentioned that he would like to make India the capital of peace in the world by building the Indian Institute of Peace in India and inviting all gen-next peace leaders who could lead the globe into peaceful coexistence in future. He has authored bestselling books and poetry in peace and girl child which have received accolades internationally and have featured in books published by UN affiliates. His platform Religion of youth is a mouthpiece of the youth if the world to voice their opinions, desires and issues and participate in nation building. His enterprise My Beti worksthe education and health of the girl child in India.

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