Delhi Aunty Controversy

A middle-aged woman from Delhi slammed by netizens after she said, “Girls wearing short dresses should be raped.”

Fact Checks :

A video from Delhi surfaced on the internet in which an aunty in her 50s was slammed by a bunch of young girls because she interrupted the girls for wearing short dresses. It all started when aunty noticed some girls wearing very short dresses exposing their thighs and went on to school them about the risk of rapes involved. The conversation started to heat up and it didn’t take long for the discussion to turn into an ugly argument which lasted for at least 13 minutes. The bone of contention came into light when at the end of the argument, the infuriated aunty in an attempt to prove herself right, wrathfully said that girls wearing short dresses should be raped. After passing that disgusting comment, she encouraged the nearby men to rape the girls. The girls shot the video and posted it on social media and the video went viral in a matter of few hours. Many celebrities, youth, and feminists also shared the video criticizing the woman.


The Other Side Of The Coin

Coming to the primitive thinking, we need to understand the generation gap and there are people of all sort of mentality and at a point of time, even our own parents used to have a conservative kind of thinking. This needs education instead of public shamming to get a desperate apology. Now, we want you to visualize yourself into the shoes of the aunty’s child. You mother goes to a mall where she indulges into a bitter argument with a bunch of girls where she was body shammed and abused with profane languages. Later on she, in an attempt to prove her point and justify herself, in a hyper state, says something which she shouldn’t have and she is captured on camera and the video is posted online where she received a significant amount of criticism, had memes made on her, had celebrities calling her ‘besharam aurat’ and is asked to apologize publicly. How will that hit you? Do these people even understand the gravity of the situation? The ‘feminists’ sharing the video should start to think what difference is there between you and that mid aged woman? Those idiots who call themselves revolutionaries are justifying the sharing of the video by saying that aunty’s primitive mentality will make her kids rapist. Can you give me one instance where rapist’s children are also rapists? Many of those trolling her are saying that the internet slamming will teach that woman a lesson. We need to understand that people with such mentality tend to stick to their conservative way of thinking. There are people who had, have and will have such mentality and perhaps they will die with such mentality. Such people can’t be changed. And even if there exists a thin chance of a change in their mentality, it can never be changed this way. Remember that even one of your family member can be a victim of such a desperate propaganda. As far as taking side is concerned, whatever the aunty said was wrong and highly disgusting but also we need to take into consideration the way the girls were behaving with an elderly woman, ridiculing her accent and body shamming her was extremely intolerable. If aunty said something wrong, she should have been verbally corrected with politeness. Simply trolling that woman won’t change her way of thinking. Now, her husband will be mocked in his office and her son (if any) will be made a butt of joke while attending lectures. And if she has a daughter, a lot many might even think of raping her to teach that aunty a lesson and they will justify the act by saying that they wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine.

Everyone is a revolutionary on social media by using hashtags as their lethal weapon but the same self claimed feminists would choose to mock and shame another women, what an irony! Be a warrior and set a good example in real life, not on social media.

After that, the girl in her Instagram profile @sunkissedshitzu posted with caption “We’re still waiting…#auntijiapologise Video still available on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Keep sharing guys! Apologise kara ke hi manenge”.

Is this even a way to seek apology? This is like we are an elite girl gang and we would mentally torture, defame and troll the aunty to satisfy our ego. Later this morning, the aunty named Soma Chakrabarty apologized through her Facebook profile. The woman may have apologized but it is highly doubtful that the public shamming would have brought any change in her minnty nameddset.

Feminism means lifting the woman and educating each other to eliminate all stereotypes between men and woman. We request you to report those memes, videos, newspaper articles and social media posts. If you have shared the video, kindly delete them because the aunty is a mother, wife and daughter of someone. And isn’t that what Feminism is all about ? To bring a change without doing what we’re actually against for a women – shamming and mockery.
I stand here with those women who believe in such Feminism and I stand for every women out there for their right to be treated with dignity and bringing a change with a positive approach.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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