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Chhattisgarh Haat: One Stop Shop For Folk Jewellery Of Raipur!

The Premium Heritage Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition – THE HAAT in Raipur.  It features a wide range from Pret & Couture, Designer Wear, Western Apparel, Indian Apparel, Looms, Costume & Designer Jewellery, Precious & Semi-precious Jewellery, Kid’s Apparel, Women’s Accessories, Men’s Wear, Bags, Home Furnishing, Lifestyle Products , Gifts, Art & Crafts, Footwear, Paintings and lots more. The 3 days exhibition brings best & latest collections of Raipur’s local jewellery.

The tribal communities of Raipur, Chhattisgarh have a tradition of decorating and ornamenting their bodies, which is part of their distinct identity and style. Ornaments are made for every part of the body, including for the toes and hair.

So, here is the list of jewellery which you can get in the haat bazar.



The kardhan is an ornament that is used by women of almost all tribes and castes in Chhattisgarh, but especially by Satnamis. It is a waist belt worn with a clip, which has the purpose of reducing the flabbiness of the stomach of a young mother after delivery. It is worn only by married women, not widows. The kardhan is made in many designs (especially jhalar and chainphas), in silver or Gilat, depending on budget.

Angushthana, Chingh Mundri


These are rings for the fingers used during the marriage ceremony. Angushthana is for the thumb and Chingh Mundri for the little finger. The women of Sahu and Devangan communities are particularly fond of this ornament.

Husli, Sutia


These are traditional neck ornaments used by tribal women. Made of either silver or Gilat, they are 20 to 50 tola (a tola is a little over 11 gm) in weight. The husli has a pipe structure.



This is the most popular nose ornament amongst the women of Raipur.



These are a different type of anklet, available in gilat and silver. They are hollow and are used by women as well as children.



The Santi (sati) is another type of anklet worn by married women of the Gond, Binjhwar, Vaishy, Sahu and Brahmin communities. It is fastened with a screw. Sati is made of silver or Gilat, and varies from 50 gm to 500 gm in weight.



The Nagmori is an armlet worn by tribal women and is especially popular amongst the Gond, Agaria and Raut communities. The Nagmori has the face of a serpent and is made of silver or Gilat. The weight of a Nagmori va

ries from 200 to 1000 gm. Die and wires are used in its making.



Bichiya is for the toes and is worn only by married women. Bichiya is not so popular amongst women of the tribal communities. It is made of silver or Gilat, according to budget. Size varies from half to two inches, while weight may vary from 2 to 200 gm. The bichiya is made using a die and soldering. Common designs are kalashdar, itakat, gol, and machchli.



Jhabli is used by well-off rural women. It is 14 inches in size and is usually made of silver and Gilat. It weighs between 30 gm and 70 gm. Made with die and print, the choti is available in various designs—floral motifs, peacock, chain, cross, etc. The simple chotis are made by local artisans while the meenakari chotis are brought in from Rajkot, Surat, and Cuttack. Jhabli is used as hair ornament by the Thakurs.

An interesting feature of the ornaments of Raipur, Chhattisgarh is that they are more than mere bodily adornment. While very striking, they have value also for the figure and physique of the wearer. The charpatta or kardhan for the waist, for example, is specially recommended to young mothers to avoid post-delivery flabbiness of the stomach.


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